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Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In the middle of July, Japan's summer has arrived with steamed humidity! It is the season.

The hair is unable to endure the humidity unique to Japan, and while the hair set is not decided, it is every day while fighting to keep the shape.

How do you spend this summer?

Please be careful about your physical condition and spend every day relaxed.

By the way, this time, I would like to talk about the exhibition of the "Akero 38" series that we went on June 10 (Fri) and 11 (Sat) last month.

1. Akero 38 Series Exhibition Overview

2. State of the exhibition on the day

3. At the end

1. Akero 38 Series Exhibition Overview

RICCI EVERYDAY's icon bag, the "Achero 38" series from the Akero bag, which is used by many customers, has appeared on June 10 (Fri).

I want you to see the Akero 38 series directly! With that in mind, we held a announcement for customers for two days from the day of the release.

The word "38" is derived from the International Women's Day on March 8, so that women around the world can find and realize their original ways to overcome social wisdom and stereotypes. , The meaning is included.

The design has become easier to use and more functional based on the voices received from customers.

A more evolved Akero 38 series, such as the bottom design with the feather, the attached strap pouch, the flaps attached so that the contents are invisible, the pockets that are easier to use, and the length adjustable straps.

The next chapter will show you the exhibition of the Akero 38 series.

2. State of the exhibition on the day

The day was a cheerful day, and the weather was blessed with the weather.

This is the flower that went to the entrance on the day.

The large flower on the left is a flower that has become a motif of the popular African plastic print "Wild Flower" at RICCI EVERYDAY, which was very beautiful.

At the event, I first talked about the history of the brand and the development of the Akero 38 series from the representative Nakamoto.

The above photo is the first Achero bag, which has evolved so far while changing the shape and design.

About seven years ago, I talked about the secret story of the birth of Achero bags, the history of RICCI EVERYDAY, and the characteristics of the Akero 38 series. (Actually, there were a lot of stories I heard for the first time!)

I was studying the secret story of birth and the current situation of Uganda before entering RICCI EVERYDAY, but when I actually heard the story, I was overwhelmed by the current situation and power.

After Nakamoto's explanation, everyone actually picked up the Akero 38 series.

I was very happy with the words "Cute!"

In this exhibition, we introduced the patterns before the arrival on the online store only for participants.

In addition, as a commemoration of your visit, we gave an Akero bag -shaped cookie. When we have three types of swallows, eye patterns, and wave patterns, they are cute and cannot be selected! I received some happy voices.

I couldn't eat this cookie too cute and thought it was inevitable. 。 。 smile

I was able to talk to many customers, and it was a fun exhibition that had been restarted as a brand.

3. At the end

RICCI EVERYDAY will continue to create products and events while valuing communication with customers.

We plan to hold an exhibition in the form of an exhibition at the timing of the release of the new product, so I am glad if you can participate. (It is a meeting where you can feel free to participate)

AkelloWe hope that the 38 series will help you make your daily life a little more colorful and cheerful.

Please check out the Akero 38 series, which has evolved design and usage, at the online store.

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