Africa's first landing! Uganda stay record

Hello, this is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I am now using the summer vacation of university to Uganda, where the RICCI EVERYDAY is directly managed.

This time, I will send you a Uganda stay from my first trip to Africa.

1. Droked travel

2. About the environment, people, and towns

3. About cloth market

4. in conclusion

1. Droked travel

This time I left Japan on July 6, and came to Uganda via Ethiopian Airlines via Ethiopia. This was my second traveling abroad and my first landing to Africa.

In Ethiopian aircraft. There was a USB port!

I was looking forward to it, but I was worried about whether I could connect properly, I would be lost at the airport, passed customs, or if my luggage would be gone.

Fortunately, I was able to arrive safely by the kind Zanjibarans! I can't really get up ... lol

Adis Abeba Bole International Airport

Adis Abeba was very cold and I think it was about 15 degrees. Long sleeves are required!

In -flight meals were eaten once from Narita to Incheon, two times from Incheon to Adis Abeba, and once from Adis Abeba to Entebe. There were kimchi and Korean crackers, probably because a large number of Koreans came from Incheon. The main in the aluminum container was warm every time, and it was easy for Japanese to eat. However, the yogurt on the upper left was too sweet personally!

2. About the environment, people, and towns

The climate is a little cold in the morning and evening, and the day is hot under the sun. Even though it is hot, the wind is often passed through, and it seems that it is much easier to spend than in Japan. Nowadays, in the dry season (June to September and November to February), it has never been raining since I traveled.

When you walk in the downtown area, you can often call out from the shop, saying, "Chinese!" At first I wanted to say that I was Japanese, but there is no end, lol

I don't feel very good about being mistaken, but I didn't feel intimidating the words "Chinese" and "Nihao", but rather welcomed me.

When you talk, everyone will respond with a smile.

The city is crowded with people with people with people and is full of lively. There is no signal to cross the road, and everyone is free. Motorcycles and cars pass by at a fair speed, even though people are crossing, so you have to check the left and right well ...

I felt that not only people and motorcycles but also garbage. I saw a lot of garbage that would not naturally return, such as plastic containers and plastic bags.

3. About cloth market

There is a cloth market near the opening photo (taxi park), and small stores are densely packed. In addition to African plints that are handled by RICCI EVERYDAY, there are many places that handle satin and plain cloth.

I couldn't find them right away, even though I usually saw a lot of patterns, and I realized that encountering African plints was a once -in -a -lifetime chance.

4. in conclusion

It's been about a week since I came to Uganda, but I met new discoveries and awareness every day and spend every day with a lot of stimulus.

We plan to prepare a lot of content this time to let everyone know RICCI EVERYDAY.

Please enjoy it!

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