Introduction of the February issue of Akero Box

hello everyone.
I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

How are you spending? 2021 is already February.
January is over in no time, and if you notice it, Valentine's Day is coming soon. Do you have Valentine's memories?

Valentine's memory was a girl's school in junior and senior high schools, so Valentine was a friend chocolate mountain every year. Because they are growing up and eating, everyone said, "I don't have to worry about snacks for a week!" (The purpose is different? Lol)
What kind of Valentine will it be this year?

By the way, this time, I would like to introduce the February issue of the Akero Box.
The theme of the Akero box in the February issue is out


It contains item content related to Valentine.
Please have a look.

  • February issue lineup
  • About Mandian chocolate
  • RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" February issue
  • Statement card
  • Monthly Gift: RICCI EVERYDAY Original Mask
  • lastly

  • February issue lineup
  • Here is the lineup of the delivery of this month's issue.

    ・ Mandian chocolate
    ・ RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5+1 SENSES" February issue
    ・ Statement card
    ・ Monthly Gift: RICCI EVERYDAY Original Mask

    The above 5 points!This month is also a luxurious lineup.
    Please enjoy it.

  • Mandian chocolate
  • This month, we delivered delicious chocolate as Valentine! ! It will be a Mandian chocolate collaborated by Patisserie Numerosan Paris, which was set up by Citrin Caravan, who always provides coffee, and Matthew Panson of French Patissier Chocolatier.

    Mandian chocolate, which has plenty of dried fruits from Uganda and nuts, matches the scent of cacao and the scent of dried fruits, and is very delicious ...!

    It is said that Numerosank Paris is a Mandian chocolate made by carefully selecting chocolate that fits Citrin Caravan's dried fruits.

    I want everyone to enjoy it!

    In addition, Citrin Caravan also chose coffee that fits this Mandian chocolate, so please enjoy it with coffee. I would be glad if you could take a break with sweet chocolate and coffee.

    ● RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5+1 SENSES" February issue
    As a Valentine, the booklet was made with the theme of "diverse love."

    Valentine in Japan is a custom of passing sweets from women to men and transmitting love, but is the only pair of men and women a "lover?" I think there are various forms in love. I think it may be a day to convey love for LGBTQ +.

    To put it more, I think love is not only born between lovers, but also love for family, friends, and themselves.

    At 5 + 1 SENSES this month, I would like to review the "natural" of Valentine's Valentine so far and consider Valentine from a new perspective.

    We have also prepared playlists, movies and booklists that will trigger a variety of love, so please take a look.

    ● Statement card
    This month's statement card is a quoted singer Kesha (Kesha) with the theme of "diverse love form"!

    "I love people. It's not about gender. It's Just the Spirit THAT THAT OTHAT OTHER PERSON YOU WITH.

    I like people. It has nothing to do with gender. I think it's love to resonate with the soul that oozes out of the opponent. "

    Kesha's word, "I like people" may be the starting point of "love". She feels powerful in her words.

    In addition, if you look at the back of the statement card, you have a frame to put stamps. Please use it as a message card.

    It is a perfect card to convey love.

    ● Monthly Gift: RICCI EVERYDAY Original Mask
    This month's monthly gift is the RICCI EVERYDAY original mask "I / Mask" with only Akero Box! We will deliver the popular I / mask with a pattern exclusive to Akero Box!

    Orange and blue patterns become gorgeous masks. If you put it on your face, your complexion will be bright. It looks like a Japanese pattern, so it's an African plint that makes you feel close.

    It is a time when you can not let go of the mask yet, so I would be grateful if you could wear a cute mask and spend a bright feeling.

    What did you think.
    The stay home period is still continuing, and it is hard to feel the changing season and the changes in the cityscape, and it feels like the time passes, but through the Akero box, I enjoy it a little and a little essence. I would be grateful if you could provide it.
    There are also trial flights, so please take a look.

    The purchase of the Akero Box February issueHerefrom

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