Staff introduction vol.1

We RICCI EVERYDAY staffI want you to know more, from todayWe will deliver the "RICCI EVERYDAY staff introduction" column in the serialization.Please look forward to it!

By the way, this time, I am involved in the business as a directly managed store staff, I, Kondo.I would be grateful if you could read it casually.

 -The business content currently involved-
He is currently a fourth grade undergraduate student and is working as an internship.
Until last month, we welcomed customers at directly managed stores.
Right now, I am away from the opportunity to stand in the store, but I am involved in the store management and online store business and the management of column articles.

Until now, I have been able to meet many customers in the store.The store space surrounded by African prints was very special for me, and it was a strange and always bright power!
I am very happy to be able to share the moment with the customer even a little.

We will continue to develop a column article that everyone can enjoy with the staff, so we hope you will look forward to the update.

 -Make a chance to learn about RICCI EVERYDAY-
This is the trigger that a college friend introduced RICCI EVERYDAY.
Until then, African plints had no opportunity to know at all and were not familiar, but I still clearly remember the brightness and memories sucked in the unique design.
The novel atmosphere that I never had before was very fresh and exciting.
When I first visited Daikanyama's directly managed store (at that time, I welcomed me, Ritsueda, the representative, Mr. Chitsu's mother!) Even after purchasing the porch, the thrills did not stop, and I was dancing for new encounters.

 -Make the opportunity to decide to work-

At university, I majored in African regional research, and as I studied, I wanted to know more about Africa's polyganity. RICCI EVERYDAY is a brand from the Uganda Republic in East Africa, and I think that I can look at a new Africa through my own actions and businesses, because I am mainly the fields that I was mainly studying. I did it.

There is a curiosity that I want to jump into an environment that I was not familiar with before, and I would apply for an internship.

 -RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-
Every product is very attractive and nice, but if you choose one of them, it's the Akero series, especially 4WAY ...!

I have a lot of luggage and a PC is essential, so I especially like 4WAY, which is large and wants to wear every day.
Not only 4WAY, but the Achero series has a leather bottom plate, so you can carry the contents stably.

Right now, I wear a pattern called "soap bubbles", but it goes well with simple coordination.

Akero 4way with a "soap bubble" pattern. The lining is yellow and the cold and warm contrast is exquisite.

While saying one, there is another favorite item I would like to introduce. smile
It's a cube pouch!
We carry charging items on the cube pouch with a firm gusset!

 -Persible my boom-
My boom is a roasted tea milk tea.
Recently, I often drink hojicha. The caffeine content is lower than that of ordinary black tea, and the body warms up.
Adding milk is more milder than drinking straight. I divide at 5: 5 and drink. Directly extracts tea leaves to warm milk to make it richer.
Depending on the arrangement, you can enjoy various flavors.

At one point, I liked coffee as much as I drank three cups of coffee a day (I still like it ...!) Now I often have roasted tea. When you want sweetness, it is delicious even if you add a small amount of honey. Please try.

 -Towered to customers-
I would like you to enjoy the vividness of the African plastic color and the patterns that are not found elsewhere.
This is intuitive! It is also good to have fun and enjoy the pattern.
At the directly managed store, you can pick up the products directly, so I hope you can enjoy the texture and feel of the cloth.

You can feel a different atmosphere from the impression you see at the online store.The encounter with the pattern is exactly like a once -in -a -lifetime meeting, and I hope you can value the moment you reach your heart.

 "" I like "rather than" preferred "."

"I like this", "I want to wear this"
I would be very happy if you have time to be full of your heart, while cherishing the feelings that come to your mind, and you have met your favorite patterns and products.

Please look forward to the next staff introduction!

The staff will welcome you after implementing the temperature inspection and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.
We will also carry out your own temperature inspection. As a result of the temperature measurement, we may refrain from entering the store with 37.0 degrees or more, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Currently, directly managed stores want to enjoy shopping for customers in the distance, so we provide online customer service services by LINE video call. When visiting the store directly, please make a reservation from the following link by the day before the desired date of visit.

Preliminary reservation / online customer service service for visiting the storeHerefrom


4 minutes on foot from the Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station Central ticket gate
24-1 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ROOB2 2nd floor C 03-6455-2446

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