[February 12, 2021] Spring / Summer New Product Introduction ~ From the Instagram on January 23 ~

Hello everyone.
I'm Hashimoto, a staff member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.
How are you spending? It's getting warmer little by little, and the day has grown. Thanks to this, everyday walks and running are also pleasant. I can't wait for spring. I want to enjoy the cherry blossoms slowly this year ...

By the way, todayInstagram on Friday, January 22I introduced it
I would like to introduce the first product of the new spring and summer in the column. I think it would be easy to understand if you look at this column and Instagram.
(I also introduced Hashimoto on Instagram, but I think that is also interesting because I can see that I am doing it (laughs)).
Please refer to it for spring out!


1. Leather strap
2. Kikoi Ribbon Bag
3. Eigauto
4. Leather Mini Pochette
5. Moshet
6. Square backpack
7. Kiki Koworn Bag
8. Finally

1. Leather strap
This time, the long -awaited leather strap has been born!
We received a hot voice from the customer saying, "I want a leather strap that can be attached to the Akero bag!"

This leather strap is 60 cm long (including the length of the metal fittings) and is a strap dedicated to shoulder. It is shorter than the fabric strap attached to the Akero bag series.

In addition, the thickness (width) of the strap is thicker than the cloth strap, and it is very stable when applied to the shoulder. Therefore, even if you put a lot of things in Achero bags, the strap is hard to bite into the shoulder and it can be easily held. (It is highly recommended for those who have stiff shoulders like me (laughs))

This leather strap is leather, but the back side is African plint, so you can enjoy it reversible. I think that you can dare to match the pattern of the African plint on the back and the pattern of the Akero bag series you have.

This strap can be attached to other than the Akero bag series, so please try it.

During the Instagram, the customer commented, "I wonder if the leather strap design may be a belt!"
The idea was not…!
Certainly, the belt is fashionable and fashionable.

2. Kikoi Ribbon Bag
Next is the Kikoi ribbon bag. Originally, there is a bag that uses eco -leather in the same shape, but this time it was made with a cloth woven with a weaving machine called "Kiki". The lining is African plastic.

I don't see much cylindrical bags, so I think it will be an eye -catching item.

The Kiki Ribbon Bag is a type of bag that can be held by tying the handle with your favorite length. It is good to shorten the handle and hold it as a handbag. I think it's okay. Also, the handle is also an African plint, so it may be an accent.

There is one pocket inside the bag, which is convenient for putting small items such as keys and regulars. In addition, it turned out that the bag was surprisingly included.
In Instagram, long wallets and pouches, smartphones, regulars, keys, and bags in the bag are included!
So, isn't it suitable for outing bags?

Kiki's white background is refreshing, so I think it's a perfect item for spring and summer. Please take a look.

3. Iigauto

As the name suggests, it is an easy (Easy: Easy) tote bag that puts in and out of luggage.
Not only A4 size documents but also laptops and tablets can be easily included. Isn't it a bag suitable for commuting and school?

In addition, since there are three pockets inside the bag, it is very convenient to be able to put small details separately.
Fine things are often missing in the bag, but if you put them in a fixed place, you can take them out quickly.
It is easy to organize.

In addition, since it is a bag with a bold African print pattern, it would be easier to match clothes if the bag was coordinated.

4. Leather Mini Pochette
Next, we will introduce leather mini pochette. Nowadays, mini -sized bags are popular, but mini -size pochette has also appeared from RICCI EVERYDAY.

This is a bag with a leather pochette and an African plastic drawstring. Since the drawstring is removable, it can be used only with leather pochets.

It is also recommended for those who say, "African print is a beginner and do not know how to match with clothes ..." It is a bag that is easy to match with any clothes.

5. Moshet
( * Soldout currently online store)

This is a pochette type pouch that puts a smartphone! This is very popular, and during the Instagram, I received a lot of comments saying "I want!"

Mochette is a very convenient pouch that can be carried with cards and coins because it has some pockets in addition to smartphones.
So, when you say, "I want to buy a coffee, I want to buy coffee! But it's troublesome to bring it with a bag ..." 。

This is also a nice point because the attached strap can be adjusted to your favorite length.

I also have a smartphone at the time of running, one of the items I want, so I would like to put a smartphone in the Moshet and hang it diagonally.
After running, I often buy coffee at a convenience store and go home, so I'm very grateful that I can carry it with a smartphone and coins with a single Mochette ...!

Currently SOLD OUT in the online store, but it will be restocked in early spring, so please look forward to it.

6. Square backpack

A backpack has appeared on RICCI EVERYDAY!
Although it has the name backpack, there is only one strap on the shoulder, so it will be a type that can be carried diagonally like a sakosh. It is very easy because both hands are empty. You can run with your arms! ! (smile)
In addition, since both hands are empty, you can ride a bicycle, so it is also recommended for bicycle commuting and school.

I think it's a perfect bag for casual coordination and sporty coordination.

7. Kiki Koworn Bag

Finally, this is Kiki Kauhorn bag. It is the same shape as the Kikoi ribbon bag introduced earlier, and the handle is made of cowhorn (cow bone).

The cowhorn uses something removed from Uganda's edible cows.
I wrote an article about manufacturing using leather from edible animals in Uganda before, so please take a look.
The reality of the leather industry, and the next generation eco -leser

This Kikoi Kauhorn bag is a mature impression than the Kiki Ribbon bag. The color of the handle's cowhorn is a beautiful gradation, so I think it looks a little tortoiseshell.

This bag is also an African plint on the inside, so it has a playful bag while creating an adult -like impression.

8. Finally
This is the seven items this time.
Did you have any worrisome items?
Now, while watching my Instagram, I'm writing this article, but I didn't think it was such an embarrassing task because I was too worried about myself (laughs).

The items introduced this time are available not only for online stores but also in stores, so if you want to see the real thing, please make a reservation in advance and come to the store!


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