How to care for the Acero Series

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This time, we will introduce how to care for RICCI EVERYDAY products such as Achero bags.

i used to.About care method of Achero seriesThis time, we will also answer questions from customers.


1. when it gets dirty?
2. Before use
3. Questions from customers

4. About Repair service

1. when it gets dirty?
The Akero series uses genuine leather for the handle, the bottom plate, and the parts of the metal fittings that hook the shoulder.In addition, Suzy Tote and Easy Tote also use leather for the handle、The whole washing is not possible

Since the outer fabric is made of African print, if it gets dirty, apply a solution diluted with water with a mild detergent to a towel or brush and gently tap it to remove it.

Interior items such as cushion covers and tablecloths are washable.

The fabrics used at RICCI EVERYDAY are checked to ensure that they do not fade, and only the fabrics that have passed the inspection are delivered to your hands.Therefore, there is basically no worry of discoloration, but if you use a washing machine、Put it in the laundry netPlease do the washing.

2. Before use
As mentioned above, there is basically no worry of discoloration, but we recommend that you lightly apply a waterproof spray that can be used on leather and cloth products before using.
By doing so, not only can you use it without worrying about getting wet on a rainy day, but also it protects it from daily dirt.

This waterproof spray processing is also available at directly managed stores for ¥100+ tax.
(*There is a possibility that there is a smell on the bag immediately after using the spray.Please understand beforehand.)

In addition, as a storage method, please manage it in the place that avoided direct sunlight.

3. Questions from customers
We have received some questions from our customers before, so we will answer them here.

ま I was using Acero and I felt a lot of pain, but how do I get a feeling of crispness?

- Because it is a cloth product, it becomes soft by all means when you use it.For wrinkles on the surface, pinch a handkerchief and iron it at medium temperature.
※Please do not use steam.Also, after ironing, please let it dry.

When storing Achero bags, you can use it longer if you put anko etc. inside and iron it frequently.

で What are the tips for daily care that should be done after use?

-As mentioned above, if it gets dirty, apply a mild detergent to a towel or brush diluted with water, and drop it as if you tap it lightly.

To prevent fading after use, please keep away from direct sunlight.

After using it as a clutch bag, iron it at medium temperature to stretch the crease.

てThe bottom part has been printed, but can I fix itWhat is it?

The printing of the cloth is, I am sorry, but I can not correct it in us.

However, it is possible to repair the defect of the metal fittings part.Please read the repair service guide below.

4. About Repair service
We accept repair services at our directly managed stores so that you can use RICCI EVERYDAY products for a long time.We accept the repair of the following parts.

-Right and left metal fittings (one side) of the upper part of the bag: 500 yen + tax (1,000 yen +tax in both sides)
- Inside of magnet: one place 2,000 yen + tax (uneven set in 4,000 yen+ tax)
-Metal fittings in the four corners of the bottom (2 places on one side): 1,500 yen + tax (3,000 yen + tax on all the bottom)

If you live far away, we will accept repair service if you can deliver it to the directly managed store.※The postage becomes the burden of the visitor.Please understand beforehand.

We have also published an article that introduces the repair service in detail, so please see it together.
Acero series repair service is available at our shop!

How about taking care of your favorite items now that you have a long time at home?We are happy if you can patronize your favorite items for a long time.

If you have any other questions, please ask the staff at SNS or directly managed stores.

まCorona measures thoroughly, we are operating!〉
The staff will carry out temperature tests and welcome you after wearing masks.When you come to the store, please cooperate with disinfection with alcohol gel near the door.In addition, we will carry out the customer's own temperature detection.
As a result of the temperature detection, we may refrain from entering the store of customers with 37.0 degrees or more, so thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

ーAbout advance reservation and online customer serviceー
Currently, we are providing online customer service via LINE video call, so that customers who live far away can enjoy shopping at our directly managed stores.When you visit the store directly, please make a reservation from the link below by the day before the date you wish to visit the store.

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