Staff introduction vol.2

"Introducing RICCI EVERYDAY staff" to get more aware of the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY
This time, I introduce Takatsuki, who is involved in business as a directly managed store staff.

 -The business content currently involved-

Currently, we mainly operate stores and events, as well as recently opened Tiktok.The directly managed store has bags and items of various patterns, so you can feel the power of African plastic lint directly. If you look at it with a mirror, you will be familiar with you. Please come to a directly managed store to play such an experience.

Tiktok has various videos. Please search with @ricci Everyday!

 -Make a chance to learn about RICCI EVERYDAY-

The reason I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY was to hear the lecture of Mr. Chitsu at the university. The teacher in the class I was taking at that time was a seminar teacher from Sendsu's graduate school, and gave a lecture as a special guest.

 -Make the opportunity to decide to work-
The main reason is that I sympathized with the philosophy of RICCI EVERYDAY, sincerely, seriously, and working on it.

Originally, I liked fashion as much as I went to buy fashion magazines on the release date. (My favorite at that time was a gal magazine! (Laughs))

Also, watching a movie called "Met Gala" released in 2017, I was impressed by the beauty of the dress that appeared in the movie, and was overwhelmed by the power of fashion.

But at the same time, I came to think strongly that fashion should not be made at the expense of someone.

Under such circumstances, I came across RICCI EVERYDAY, I was attracted to the fact that I was interested in my own, environmentally friendly fashion, and a playful African card that makes me feel better, and I want to work. I did it.

At that time, I sent an email that I wanted to work, but I had a relationship and decided to work as a member of the staff.

-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-
My favorite is Akero 4Way. I am in love with the design that is not only functionality but also the leading role of coordination.

I am grateful for me with a lot of luggage because it looks stylish even if I put a lot of luggage.

HerePlease check out the contents that you usually include in the article!

 -Persible my boom-

The recent my boom is yogurt making.
Originally, my mother was making yogurt, and I learned how to make it when my home time increased, and I have been addicted since then. The way to make it is very simple, just mix the milk with the milk and ferment it for a day. I like to drink with bananas every morning.

 -Towered to customers-
Thank you for reading so far!I hope you enjoy it.
Bold colored African plants give you the power that makes you stronger.
For customers, I am glad that RICCI EVERYDAY bags are a bag that can give good power and energy from casual ordinary days to special days.
Find your own "treasure" from a lot of African plints to find treasure.

The staff will welcome you after implementing the temperature inspection and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.
We will also carry out your own temperature inspection. As a result of the temperature measurement, we may refrain from entering the store with 37.0 degrees or more, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Currently, directly managed stores want to enjoy shopping for customers in the distance, so we provide online customer service services by LINE video call. When visiting the store directly, please make a reservation from the following link by the day before the desired date of visit.

Preliminary reservation / online customer service service for visiting the storeHerefrom


4 minutes on foot from the Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station Central ticket gate
24-1 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ROOB2 2nd floor C 03-6455-2446