Introduction of the March issue of Akero Box

hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

It's all spring cheerful ...! ! The days were more sunny than in winter, and the days have grown. I guess there is also a place where Kawazu cherry blossoms and rape blossoms are blooming.

Speaking of rape blossoms, yellow is yellow, yellow is mimosa, and mimosa is an international female day! So, the theme of the Akero box (regular flight) in the March issue of next month is "International Women Day". This time, I would like to introduce the March issue!


1. What is International Women's Day?
2. Monthly gift
3. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet 5 + 1 SENSES March issue
4. Statement card
5. Coffee, dried fruits
6. African plint
7. Finally

1. What is International Women's Day?
March 8 is said to be international female day.
It is said that the background of the International Women's Day began on March 8, 1904, in New York, USA, when female workers were demonstrated in search of women's suffrage. (The first wave feminism movement in the United States is rising, and then the women's suffrage was recognized in 1920.)

Then the United Nations was enacted on March 8 as an international female day.

In Japan, international women's days have been recognized in recent years, and Women's MARCH has been held on March 8 and film festivals have been held. I have never participated in Women's MARCH, but I have decided to participate when Corona calms down.

There are various other projects, events, and initiatives for international women's day, so please check it out!

2. Monthly gift
Speaking of international female day, Mimosa flowers! So, the Mimosa flower (artificial flower) will be presented to the Monstre Gift of the March issue of the March issue.

Do you know why Mimosa flowers are regarded as international female days?

It is said to be in Italy. In Italy, March 8 is said to be "Festa Della Donna = Women's Day", and it seems that men give women with mimosa flowers with daily thanks.
By the way, in Russia and Baltic countries, women and women, as well as women, are giving each other with mimosa flowers.

In accordance with this, RICCI EVERYDAY will be presented with Mimosa flowers with African plints. It is also good to decorate in a vase, hang it, decorate it on the wall, or give it to a loved one.
Like a real mimosa flower, the flower is fluffy, so it's very adorable, and the yellow gives you energy. The compatibility with African plint is also outstanding!

3. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet 5+1 SENSES March issue
This month's 5 + 1 Senses has also set up an international female day with the theme.

This time, I chose the first female vice president, Camara Harris, to feature women who have attracted attention in the past year.

Many people may have been struck by her speech in her victory declaration in her presidential election.
The RICCI EVERYDAY staff was also encouraged. The special feature introduces her powerful words, as well as her background and fashion.

I also asked RICCI EVERYDAY staff about the role model for women about the international female day. The role model is different and I got an interesting answer, so this is also worth paying! Who is your role model? Please let me know.

The book & movie list has also been picked up that is perfect for international female day.
For movies, we chose what you can see in Netflix, so please take a look.
In the booklist, we chose a hot topic book, so please take a look here!

The playlist, which is also distributed at Spotify, has collected songs from female artists around the world!
There are plenty of lineups, including J-POP, US, UK, K-POP, and Latin-Pop!
There are only songs that are energetic, so please look forward to it.

4. Statement card
Click here for this month's statement card!

This month, we picked up the words of the US Supreme Supreme Court, Ruth Vader Gingsberg, who died last year.

"My Mother Told Me to Be A Lady.and for Her, That Mental to BE YOUR OWN PERSON, BE IndEPENDENT."
Translation: My mother told me, "I'm a lady." For her mother, her lady means that she is her own independent person.

RBG, Ruth Vader Gingsberg, who has achieved various achievements as a female judge. She thinks it's a persuasive word because she's overwhelmingly struggling in the world of judges with many men, but she has been working on various efforts for women.

I often hear the word "independent woman (independent woman)", but what does independence mean you? For me, "independence" means creating a reliable person or a community. I think it's independent to say, "I'm in trouble, help me!" I secretly think that if women can rely on and help each other when women are solidarity, it will be a more released society ...

It may be a good idea to give this card to your loved one with the Mimosa flower of the monthly gift.

5. Coffee & dried fruits
Monthly Uganda coffee and dried fruits!
In the March issue, we will deliver coffee with a wonderful title "Letter from the lake shore" and a juicy apple mango dried fruit.

Recently, coffee pouches have become transparent and can maintain the flavor of coffee for a long time. In addition, this pouch can be washed and used, so it can be used as a little vase as well as saving something!

6. African plint
This African print is also an item that comes with every month.
The size is 30cm x 30cm. Which pattern will arrive will be fun after arriving.

Customers who have been purchased regularly commented, "I wrap lunch boxes and rice balls!" There was also a voice saying, "I lay it on the shelf to make it an interior."
Some of the hot voices say, "I will collect a lot of this African plint and connect it all!" ! Everyone seems to have their own use.

If you have any other ways to use it like this, please put it on Instagram or Twitter.

7. Finally
What did you think?
The March issue also has plenty of exciting items. I would be glad if you could enjoy the Akero box while feeling the spring air.
May March 8 a wonderful day for you ...!


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