Three items using Uganda's treasure Berkross are finally released!

good evening everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally today! Introducing Uganda's treasures and items that use Berkross that I call without permission.

Berk Cross is a material that is thinly stretched like a cloth with a wooden skin from the Mutuba tree. Even if the wooden skin is peeled to make a bark cross, if it is properly processed, a sturdy skin will be regenerated on the surface of the wood.

The work and technology cultivated for many years, which are carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, boiled the skin, and stretched thinly with a hammer, are also registered as a World Intangible heritage. It was confirmed that Berk Cross was used in Uganda in the 12th century. It is a story a long time ago that cotton spreads in Uganda, and is also called "the oldest cloth in mankind".

Using this Berk Cross, this time we created three items, such as bags and pouches. I would be grateful if you could see it.

These items have been released the other dayNAWOLOVU(Naulov) line. I would like to continue to introduce products that focus on Uganda's crafts and craftsmanship.

* All prices include tax.

1. Eva bag: 23,100 yen


This Eva bag is designed to blend naturally like a earth color, sewn in a striped, black, and three -colored bark cross.

Berk cross is also used for the strap, accented with the border pattern. This strap is removable, so you can take a strap and use it as a clutch bag (you can also attach the strap to Achero).


You can use it all year round without choosing the season, so you can match it with various fashions.

The inside of the bag uses a Uganda traditional cloth used in one of the fashion items of Uganda women, called Kiki. Here, too, we weave one thread with a weaving machine in a certain workshop.



The buckle parts are made of cowhorn made from edible cows. It has a tortoise -like shine and gives the bag elegant.

You can choose from two colors, black or white.



And this bag has a heart -shaped charm, adding cuteness to the bag.

Eva bag made of all materials in Uganda. I hope you can feel Uganda's traditional crafts on your skin.

Body: W21cm x H19cm x D8cm

Strap: 100㎝

Approximately 500g

Body: Table / Berkross, inside / Kiki (100%cotton)

Shoulder: Berk Cross & Kiki

Buckle: Cowhorn

2.Berk Cross Stripe Flat Case: 10,120 yen

The Berk Cross Striped Flat Case is designed with brown, black and white three colors of bark cross, like Eva bags.

It is also used as a clutch bag as well as a case where you can carry it with a personal computer.

You can use it all year round without choosing the season, so you can match it with various fashions.

Inside the case, this is also Kiki. Since the pocket is also attached, you can put small items such as pen, earphones, and keys.

W38cm x H26.5cm x D3cm

Approximately 350g

Body: Table / Berkross, inside / Kiki (100%cotton)

3.Berk Cross Stripe Multi You Sepot: 5,720 yen

Multi -use striped pouch is also a striped design of brown, black, and white three colors.

You can put plenty of items such as makeup tools, gadget equipment, and stationery on the porch.



The inside of the porch is used. And this pouch has a heart -shaped key chain, adding cuteness to the porch.

W17cm x H11cm x D13cm

Approximately 150g

Body: Table / Berkross, inside / Kiki (100%cotton)

Please add the ultimate sustainable Berkross to your fashion item.

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