1st anniversary of celebration! Akero Box September issue released!


hello! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Guys, how do you do? I think that the infection of Corona has expanded and the time to take a break has decreased. I often get tingling and disappointed.

In such a case, I change my mind by doing muscle training and talking with my friends in ZOOM. ("I don't betray muscle training" is true, so I recommend it)

Please be assured that everyone is depressed or frustrated. Please rely more and more people around you and things!

The introduction is longer, but this time we will introduce the September issue of the Akero Box.

1. 1st anniversary of celebration! Akero Box September issue

2. Design is renewed! ! RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" September issue

3. Burkina Faso dry mango

Four. Uganda coffee and Ghana herbal tea

Five. Calendar card for October

6. Monthly gift drink holder

7. At the end

1. 1st anniversary of celebration! Akero Box September issue

Thanks to you, the Akero Box will celebrate the first anniversary this September! Following the RICCI EVERYDAY anniversary of August, it is an Akero box anniversary! We were able to celebrate the first anniversary supported by many customers. thank you very much.

The Akero Box began with the concept of "enjoying home time."

It is difficult to meet friends and relatives living in the distance, shop, watch movies, go to a concert, go to an amusement park, and from that experience, and from that experience. Gaining inspiration to receive was a "precious" era.

Now that the time spent at home is inevitable, RICCI EVERYDAY will provide customers with the experience of receiving various inspiration while staying at home, and make them feel a little bright! And launched this Akero box service.

The Akero Box has the desire to have various experiences through the products to be delivered and the original five sensibilities (sensitivity) of each customer.

Thanks to you, I am sincerely grateful for your many customers love the Akero box.

We are more excited about the voices of customers every month, such as "I arrived this month!"

We hope that even a little customer can experience the monthly fun and excitement.

2. Design is renewed! ! RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 Senses" September issue

By the way, I will introduce the contents of the September issue!

"5 + 1 SENSES" (Six Senses), which is made and delivered every month in the Akero box.

What, what! The design has been renewed! ! (Wow !!)

Click here for the new design!


On the cover of this month, we put a photo of a model of a model of Berkross items and African plastic clothing, which was released the other day, and a photo of a photo of paper bead bags!

The 5 + 1 SENSES logo has also changed! It is a mode and stylish "cool" logo!

Not only the cover, but also the design inside is very nice. Please enjoy it.

This month's theme is "SDGs". The content was further stepped from there, thinking about "human development" and creating it.

In the future, I would like to write something deeper than before!

This time, I wrote the staff S, which is familiar with SDGs. I was surprised at her deep knowledge. It's more like a "dissertation" than a "booklet". Let's think about SDGs together.

3. Burkina Faso's dry mango

Dried fruits are also renewed from this month!

This time, we will deliver a good dry mango from Burkina Faso.


Where is Burkina Faso? ! I guess some people think that. Burkina Faso is a country located in West Africa, with Ghana and Mari next to it.


Uganda is located east, so it's quite far from Uganda.

This Burkina Faso dry mango was provided from "African Square". Based on the concept of communicating unique and unique things through food, various dried fruits in Africa are sold.

This dry mango does not use sugar! Because it is gentle on your body, you can eat with confidence. You don't feel guilty even if you eat it in the middle of the night! (smile)

Please enjoy Burkina Faso's dry mango.

Four. Uganda coffee and Ghana herbal tea

This month, we will also deliver Uganda Coffee from Citrin Caravan and Ghana Konko's Ghana herbal tea.

For a drink, choose a coffee or herbal tea set. Please choose a set that contains your favorite drink.

Citrin Caravan will deliver this coffee.


Uganda's coffee is very unique and cannot be met in Japan, so if you like coffee, it is a must -see!

We received a nice comment from the customer, saying, "I was very pleased if I gave a gift to a friend who liked coffee!"

From n yura konko, lemongrass tea.


N Yura Konko's herbal tea is made by Ghana women. Pick the lemongrass from the field and dry it to herbal tea.

Herbal tea has a strong image of habit, but n -yura konko's herbal tea is easy to drink even if there is no habit! The lemongrass tea delivered this time is very refreshing and delicious.

By the way, in Ghana, it seems that it is often drunk as a cold prevention.

In September, warm drinks will feel delicious. Please drink coffee or herbal tea and have a relaxing time.

Five. Calendar card for October

A calendar card with an original illustration by the staff I in charge of RICCI EVERYDAY shooting and creative staff. In the September issue, we will deliver the October calendar.

Click here for October calendar!


It's very cute! Achievous bags, a picture with a big eye pattern on the wall, a drink, and a nut (delivered in the August issue!).

If you look closely, there are various things drawn, so please take a closer look.

Use it on your desk or decorate it on the wall of the living room.

6. Monthly gift bottle holder

By the way, it is a monthly gift you enjoy! Following last month, this month will be an original RICCI EVERYDAY original item.

Here is this month!


Many of the customers have a My bottle.

Surprisingly, I think that some people have my bottle in my bag as it is, so my bottle will be cute with African printing! So I made this bottle holder!

It's cute even if you take it out of your bag!

By the way, this bottle holder can be put in the wine bottle! You can also use wine and decorate it as an interior.

In the coming season when warm drinks feel delicious, please put your favorite drinks, such as hot coffee and hot herbal tea in my bottle, and put them in a bottle holder!

7. At the end

How was the September issue of Akero Box?

Akero Box September issue can be ordered from September 1st. There is also a trial flight, so if you are interested, please check it out! →Here

The second year of Akero Box will evolve further and deliver its evolution directly to customers! Thank you for your continued support.

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