A must -see! How to enjoy shopping with peace of mind even in Corona.

Hello everyone. I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It is difficult to go out without hesitation because the signs of the convergence of the trend of colon virus infectious diseases. I want to enjoy shopping as much as possible.

In this column, we will introduce how to enjoy shopping at RICCI EVERYDAY with peace of mind even in the corona.

1. Visit reservation

2. Online customer service

3. online store

4. At the end

1. Visit reservation

The first is to make a reservation for the day you come to the store.


RICCI EVERYDAY secures 11:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, except Monday and regular holidays.

If you make a reservation, you can enjoy shopping slowly for one hour or with your companion.

In addition, during the reserved time zone, other customers will not come to the store, so you can shop with confidence.

The only way to make a reservation is to select the day you want to shop rather than the form and fill in your name and contact information!


If you have a desired product or a pattern or color you are interested in, please fill in the form in the form. The staff will guide you on the day!

The reservation for visitsThis formfrom

(You can make a reservation until one day before use.)

2. Online customer service

The second is an online customer service that uses LINE video telephones to shop.


The online customer service service is a service where customers at directly managed stores can connect LINE video calls with customers, respond to questions and consultations about products, and propose coordination. 。

This is also the same as the reservation for visiting the store, from 11:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.

I'm a little worried about going to a directly managed store in Daikanyama ... but it is recommended for those who want to see the texture and size, and those who want to go shopping while consulting with the staff about products and coordination.

In addition, those who live in the distance can enjoy shopping at a directly managed store while staying at home by using online customer service.

You can make a reservation from the form, just like visiting the store.


At the time of booking, please register RICCI EVERYDAY from LINE and enter "Complete" at the bottom of the simple questionnaire column.


Please fill in the product you want to see on the day in the contact section column.

After the reservation is completed, you will receive a message from the RICCI EVERYDAY LINE account.

After that, please enjoy shopping with video calls on the day!


You can choose the card payment or bank transfer by dedicated form for payment of purchased products.

If you are shopping using online customer service, the staff is reporting your experiences in past columns, so please refer to it!

→「I experienced online customer service!

Reservation for online customer serviceThis formfrom

(You can make a reservation until one day before use.)

3. online store

The third is online shopping at the RICCI EVERYDAY online store.

As many customers always use the online store (thank you!), I think that many people know, but online stores have new items every Friday.

How about online shopping on RICCI EVERYDAY every weekend?

The online store has abundant items and African plastic patterns.

Also, RICCI EVERYDAY's New Line "NAWOLOVU"There are also products that can be purchased only at online stores, such as (Naulov) items.


The appeal of the online store is that you can easily enjoy shopping on RICCI EVERYDAY even in Corona!

Online storeHerefrom

Four. At the end

The hurdles of visiting the store directly and shopping have become a little higher due to the corona evil, but if you use a reservation for visits and online customer service, you can enjoy shopping at directly managed stores with confidence. ( *)

If you are online store, you can enjoy online shopping from a lot of products.

Please use a convenient service that allows you to enjoy shopping with peace of mind even in Corona!

* If you do not make a reservation for visiting the store / online customer service, you can visit the store without reservations as usual.

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