Must -see Zubora! Open and surprised! ? What is a makeup porch?

hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It suddenly became cool in September. I'm not good at summer heat, but I feel lonely when I wonder if summer will be over soon (laughs).

By the way, this time, open and be surprised! ? It is an introduction of Makeup Pouch, a must -see for Zubora.

Although it is written as "makeup", I noticed that it is an excellent item that can be used for various purposes.

Please read it to the end of both Zubora and those who are not.

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1. What is a makeup porch?

2. The charm of products that are particular about the details

3. Actually versatile! Use endless use

Four. New pattern introduction

1.Make -up pouchWhat is?

Makeup pouch / ¥ 3,520 (tax included)

It looks like a normal pouch.

However, when you open the lid, a long string!

"Huh? Isn't it too long? Did you make a mistake?"

The length of this string is the point.

When you solve the string ...

It opens like this!

Yes, a makeup porch is a porch that can easily put in and out of things.

You can easily find makeup tools that tend to be missing in the porch.

2. The charm of products that are particular about the details

In fact, there are nine pouches and pockets.

Six side pockets inside and two pockets with chucks.

In addition, there is one on the outer magic tape.

It is safe to put small things that fall apart in the porch in your pocket.

3. Actually versatile! Use endless use

This time, I will introduce four types of usage other than makeup pouches.

① For lunch wrapping

When you eat, just spread it as it is, so it's easy! Even if you put a regular medicine or a towel in your pocket.

Children can use it happily.


② In the stationary case

Utilizing your pockets, you can store stationery that just falls apart.

You can spread it out when you use it, and hang it on the wall when not in use. (I still enter.)


③ To sewing set

There are many small sewing sets, such as needles, threads, finger sacks, rulers, needle mountains, buttons, yarn scissors and crawling scissors.

In such a case, how about making the most of your pocket?

There is no doubt that it can be stored neatly.

④ As a mini bag

Because the string is long, it can be used as a mini bag.

It is fashionable to have one shoulder!

However, please be careful when opening.

Four. New pattern introduction

Here are some patterns of makeup pouches that arrived at the online store today!

A particularly popular color among eye patterns. (This color is always a competition.)


The waves of the tiles that are impressive with a refreshing color of the cold color. It's my recommended color (laughs)

A pattern like sea anemone. It is the charm of this pattern that it is easy to match anything when you bring it.

How was it?

online storeOther patterns are also available. Please open and try a surprising makeup porch.

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