Limited time campaign! "Home time colorful plan"

This is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In September, the days of getting cold a lot have increased. Have you changed your clothes already?

Nevertheless, there are still more hot days, so be careful about your physical condition.

In today's column, a new event "House time colorful planI would like to introduce you!

1. What is the "Home Time Colorful Plan"?

2. Shipping



1. What is the "Home Time Colorful Plan"?

This project isIf you purchase more than 5,000 yen from target products such as interior items and foods, it will be 5%off! Furthermore, African plastic furoshiki comes on!It is an exciting campaign.

* The size of the furoshiki is 30cm x 30cm.


I think the house time is increasing due to the corona evil. With the colorful African interior items, we will start a “home time colorful plan” with the desire to have fun while feeling Africa with colorful African plinting interior items.

The campaign schedule is as follows.

Online Store: September 10-26, 2021

Daikanyama direct store: September 11-26, 2021

Campaign special pagePlease check it out.♪

* Please note that discounts will not be applied until the campaign start date and time.



2. Shipping

The target product isHereYou can check from!

You can choose from interior items and foods.

[List of interior items]

·table cloth

·Place mat

・ Kitchen miton


·Cushion Cover


・ Tissue box case

・ Toilet paper holder

·book cover


·Dried fruit




"Colorfulness" is the biggest feature of African plints. Just incorporating the African plastic interior items will make your house gorgeous.


All dried fruits and cashew nuts are Africa.

Dry prineapple and coffee are from Uganda, dry mango is from Western Africa, and cashew nuts are from Uganda, from Tanzania.



You may be able to take a break and give you a reward♪

Please color the prolonged home time with African plastic interior items and African snacks.

Look at the product