Why use? The charm of the book cover

Hello, this is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The other day, the seasonal Shine Muscat I ordered arrived, and I felt a sign of autumn. Autumn of appetite! I think and eat a lot (laughs)

Speaking of autumn, the autumn of appetite is of course, but it is a "fall of reading". This time it will arrivebook coverI will introduce about the necessity.

Book cover/2,970 yen (tax included)

1. Why I use a book cover

2. Points of RICCI EVERYDAY book cover

3. Color variations

Four. At the end

1. Why I use a book cover

Do you use a book cover? This time, I would like to share two reasons why I use the book cover.

1-1. I want to wear what I like!

Book cover is sometimes called "book jacket" in English.

When I heard this, I thought, "I see!" And I want to put my favorite books on my favorite books so that I can learn my favorite fashion! I came to think so.

Please change the book cover according to your mood and fashion♪I'm very excited.


1-2. Easy to the environment connected to the next person

The books that have been read often go to used bookstores. I want the next person to be connected to the next person in a beautiful state, and I want the book to be used as long as possible.

Also, I think that even if it is recycled as a used paper, I think that the more beautiful people can continue recycling as long as possible, so I use the book cover.

2. Points of RICCI EVERYDAY book cover

The biggest point is that colorful African prints are still used.

Not only that, the bookmark has a paper bead decoration! cute!

The color of the beads differs depending on the book cover, and the details of RICCI EVERYDAY are packed in detail.


As the name implies, paper beads are beads made of paper, not plastic, so they are easy on the environment.♪

3. Color variations

What is worrisome is the color variation. Here are some of the patterns that are in stock today.

There is no doubt that red and navy combination!


Sea world, yellow "
When you spread it, the pattern is semicircle and you can enjoy a different impression.


"Big Eye Turquoise & Green"
Popular eye pattern series. The inside pink is also cute!

Four. At the end

How was it. I would be happy if you could enjoy the book cover like fashion. I think it will be one of the communication with friends.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

Please find your favorite book cover on RICCI EVERYDAY!

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