4 birds with one stone! ? Various holders toilet paper holder!

hello. This is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Suddenly, do you like chocolate? It seems that Meiji Milk Chocolate was released 95 years ago, 95 years ago.

95 years is amazing. I would like to do my best so that RICCI EVERYDAY can be a brand that is loved over the times!

Well, todayToilet paper holderI would like to tell you how to use it, with the contents taught by the customer!

Toilet paper holder / 2,970 yen including tax

1. As a book holder

2. With the drive together

3. Next to the refrigerator

Four. At the end

1. Book holder

First of all, I will introduce how to use it as a book holder taught by customers.

The customer who taught this is used as a book holder that includes a paperback book on the way and a paperback book that is reading at the same time!

(I was impressed by the new usage because I didn't even think about it. Lol)


Certainly perfect for a paperback book! It's cute even if you match it with the same African print as the book cover.♪

2. With the drive together

Avoid crowds, and the chances of using a car instead of a train are increasing. If you put an S -shaped hook on the back of the front seat and apply a toilet paper holder, it will be transformed into a confectionery holder!

If you put a water bottle, sweets, tissue, smartphone, etc. that are likely to roll in the back seat, it can be taken immediately and it is convenient.♪


3. Next to the refrigerator

The last is how to use it as a storage item by hanging it next to the refrigerator.

It is very convenient to hang a toilet paper holder with a magnet that can be mounted on the refrigerator!

You can put documents that are accumulated but do not want to lose, such as letters, postcards, coupons, coupons, and recipes for children's school events.


Since the storage part is divided into three, it can be used separately for each document.


Four. At the end

How was it. There are many ways to use toilet paper holders!

Please use the toilet paper holder for various purposes.

Please tell the staff when you find a new usage.♪

In addition, the toilet paper holder is being held for a limited time from 9/10 to 26.House time colorful planIt is an item for the campaign. Please take this opportunity!

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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