What is your silent passion? The meaning hidden in a new Naroho bag

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. Today, the line that focuses on Uganda's crafts announced in commemoration of the 6th anniversaryNAWOLOVU"(Nawolov) Introducing" Naroho Bag "newly added.



The word "naroho" means "peace" in Uganda's words. This is the brand name of the workshop that my friend Bella started, and it was a 1st product created in collaboration with her.

After all, the feature of this bag is the difference in the impression on the outside and inside! The outside is a formal calm impression, but if you open the bag! Playful and pop patterns jump into your eyes. Every time I opened the bag, I created a surprise that makes me want to cheer, "Wow!"



There is also a hidden meaning here. It is "Silent Passion". It seems to express myself when I was a bank clerk, but the appearance is a calm atmosphere in a suit, etc. I did it. At one point, my life started now, as I decided to live according to this thought and stop trying to do anything I wanted to do. The important thing is to listen to your "inner voice" and "inner passion". I realized that this was the first step to live in the way I wanted.

If you are worried about whether you can do this, or if you are living in your life properly, I would like to throw the above words first. I sincerely hope that this bag will have this bag and open a bag flap, and to touch on my passion and think about life.



Leather has a soft and smooth touch, and has a feeling that fits your body when you hold it. Perfect for a hybrid way of working that travels between offices and homes like today. You can use it in the business scene, and if you have it according to your usual fashion, the coordination will be upgraded by one.

The circle attached to the front of the bag is one of Uganda's craftsmanship, the cowhorn (cow horn), which is glossy and gives an elegance and luxury. And this circle also symbolizes the name of the bag, "Naroho (peace)".

The bag can include many items such as laptops, A4 size documents and files, tumblers, folding umbrellas, and pouches. The point is that the leather is soft, so even if you put a lot of items, your shoulders are hard to hurt when you hold it.

In addition, a storage bag for storing the bag is also a set. The storage bag is made with the same pattern as the African plint inside the bag. When storing the bag, putting it in this bag will make it harder to scratch the leather. You can use this storage bag for other purposes.

Naroho bags where you can feel Uganda's traditional crafts in every part. Please take it into your daily life.

Naroho bag: 30,800 yen (tax included)

(You can choose the inner cloth pattern)

Bag: W35cm x H28cm x D16cm

Included storage bag: W53cm x H36cm x D17cm

Approximately 800g

Body: Table/cowhide, lining/cotton

Included storage bag: cotton

We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY.

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