A new friend appears! For Picha's Animaldor & everyday use! Ecomi -dium

hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This week was sunny and warm days! I washed a lot of summer clothes to make effective use of the sunshine. After all it is good to dry outside (laughs)

By the way, I would like to introduce Picha's Animaldor and Eco Midium, which I want to do in this blog.

table of contents

1. About Picha's Animaldor

2. Introduction of patterns arrived at the online store

3. Features of Eco Midium

Four. New pattern introduction of Eco Midium

1. About Picha's Animaldor

Animaldor of Picha arrived at the online store today.

It is a very popular product that was sold out immediately when I sold Happy Hippo.

This time, in addition to Happy HippoHappy Hippo and friends"Gentle Elephant and Dreamy Millaf have also appeared!



The name of the elephant and the giraffe was determined by customer voting on Instagram.

Picha, who lives in the northern guru of Uganda, makes these stuffed animals.

She has been detained as a soldier for more than 10 years. With the support of the NPO, she returned to society, and usually manufactured and sold products in the market and connected to income. However, the expansion of the corona virus infection has lost her sales place, and her source of income has been cut off. If you can't sell the product as it is, your technology will drop. At that time, her representative, Nakamoto, asked for the production of animal stuffed animals and came to sales.

2. Introduction of patterns arrived at the online store

Here are some of the patterns that arrived today!


① Happy Hippo (2,750 yen including tax)


② Gentle Elephant (2,750 yen including tax)

③ Dreamy Millaf (2,750 yen including tax)

In addition, some of the directors of Daikanyama are also available at Animaldor. Please feel free to contact us on SNS or email regarding stock status!



3. Features of Eco Midium

Next is the introduction of the ecomi -dium just received from Uganda.


Ecomidium (2,750 yen including tax)

The ecomi -diium is a useful item that can be put in a bag at any time because it does not use lining and folds it compactly.

A4 size is also included, so it is useful as a document case.

Also, it is cute even if you put the flowers like this.



Isn't the number of people decorating flowers at home recently? When you bring your purchased flowers home, put them in the African plastic bag to make it gorgeous.

4. New pattern introduction of Eco Midium

Here are some of the patterns that arrived this week!


A snow flower reminiscent of the universe. Isn't it a pattern that can be used regardless of gender?


Green pansy. It looks like ginkgo leaves. Perfect for the coming season!


A summer breeze that shines blue. Because it is a calm shade, it fits the coordinates.

How was it?

The online store introduces various other patterns, so please check it out!

Look at the product