Deliver a sash to enjoy the scent! Introduction of the October issue of Akero Box

hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

How are you spending? In the last two months, I have been working hard on running and muscle training (laughs)

I hope that the body has changed, and ultimately the abdominal muscles will be broken into six.

I will continue to work hard on muscle training! ! Expectations like this! ! (smile)

By the way, this time we will introduce the October issue of the Akero Box to be released on October 1st.

Wouldn't it be time to spend more time at home in the fall and winter? I hope you can enjoy the Akero box by all means.

table of contents

1. RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" October issue

2. Calendar card November

3. Strawberry dry fruits

Four. Drink

Five. Monthly gift "Sache"

6. lastly

1. RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" October issue



RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 Senses". We decide the theme every month and deliver it.

The theme of the October issue is "Uganda Independence Day"!

Every October 9 is Uganda's independence day. Uganda, a British colony since 1894, became independent in 1963 after World War II.

In the feature of this theme, the Akero Box Team said, "What is an independent anniversary for Uganda people?" I interviewed about the day and how to spend.

The surprising answer has been returned, so please look forward to it!

In addition, the recipe of Uganda's local rice "Rolex", which was shown when the representative, Chitsu Nakamoto, was performed on TV Tokyo "My Hugge" before, is a big release!

Rolex is a brief explanation, and eats ingredients with flour or corn powder, like Mexican tortillas.

It's so easy, so please make it when you are hungry. Perfect for night snacks.

When you make Rolex, I hope you can see 5 + 1 SENSES with your meal.

2. Calendar card November

The Akero Box offers an original calendar card every month. This month will be a calendar for November next month.

(If you want to deliver a November card ... 2021 is over in no time ...)



Click here for the pattern of this month's calendar card!

Creative staff I worked on this month as well. It's a lovely picture and it's wonderful.

Please paint the calendar and enjoy it, or decorate it next to your desk.

3. Strawberry dry fruits

The dried fruit is delivered every month, but this month's new strawberry dried fruits are joined! (Wow!)

Isn't strawberry dried fruits hard to meet in the city? Please let me know your impressions.

This strawberry is from Madagascar! Sweet and sour, fragrant strawberries are also recommended to put them in black tea or serial.

Please enjoy this too.

Four. Drink

You can choose a herbal tea set or a coffee set for the drink. Please choose a set that contains your favorite drink.

Herbal tea is a butterfly pity from Ghana by n yura konko. Herbal tea with blue colors. Recently, convenience stores are sold as plastic bottles drinks. It seems to be a little popular in Chimata ...!

In the Akero box, you can drink full -fledged butterfly pity.



Coffee is a Uganda d'An, a Uganda caravan from Citrin Caravan. Ugun D'Al, which has been good for various coffee beans collected in Uganda. It features a gorgeous scent.



Five. Monthly gift "Sache"

Click here for this month's fun monthly gift!



It is a "sachet" with a great relaxation effect with the scent of herbs. Sache is a smell bag, so you can enjoy the scent by placing it on the bedside or in clothes dance.



This time, this sachet was provided by n -yura konko, who is familiar with herbal tea.

The point is that it is wrapped in African plastic! It is a two -bird one bird that you can enjoy with the scent as well as the eyes. I'm looking forward to what kind of pattern sashes arrive.

The scent is a green -like scent that combines sweetness and lemon -like scent.

This is also a herb made of pesticide -free farms from Ghana, so you can use it with confidence even in homes with pets and small children.

( * Please do not put it in your mouth.)

I think the season has changed from summer to autumn, and it is a little stressful for the mind and body. Please smell the scent of this sasher and relax. I will put it on the bedside.

6. lastly

What did you think? The October issue will also deliver luxurious contents.

By the way, the Akero box is a size that goes into your home post, so you have to stay at home on the delivery day! Please be assured that there is no such thing.

It is also an exciting point that the Akero box is included when you go home and check the post.

Why don't you experience the excitement once a month?

There is also a trial flight, so please check it out.

In October, we will deliver excitement and joy to your life in the Akero box.

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