Introduction of new clothes that shine in the fall and winter

This is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's just around October. It's chilly and finally feels the arrival of autumn ... Let's survive with the colorful power of African plinting in the fall and winter!

In today's column, we will introduce the clothes scheduled to be arrived on October 1 (Fri) at 21:00!

1. Colored dress

2. Abu Dhabi Gather / Skirt

3. Coat dress

Four. Relax long shirt

Five. Relaxing pants

6. At the end

1. Color dress / 25,300 yen (tax included)


"Color dress" that can be used as a dress or as a haori. African plint is boldly used, so it will be the leading role of coordination!

This season is cold or hot. If you put it on on a day that makes you feel a little chilly, you can adjust the temperature.♪

This is a new pattern of attention.

This pattern is mixed with red and blue. Leaves and wood -like patterns are perfect for the coming season.


The big feature of colored dresses is the gathering on the cuffs and the neck.

Thanks to the gathers, they make a soft atmosphere.

There are three types of patterns

2. Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt / 19,800 yen (tax included)


The point is "Abu Dhabi Gather Skirt" where the length of the length is different between the front and back. The feet can be seen neatly, so you can appeal to your shoes.


The hottest pattern is "Plumeria Orange"

This pattern is characterized by a bright color. Large plumeria flowers are eye -catching.


Coordinated with casual sneakers. It will show your feet neatly, so choosing shoes will be even more fun.

There are 4 types of patterns

3. Court dress / 25,300 yen (tax included)

A coat dress with a simple line and a salari. The big pocket looks cute.


The hot pattern is "Brown Dragon」。

The color of the brown shines and adds the autumnness to the coordination.


Because it has a big pocket, on a cold day to warm your finger.♪

There are 9 types of patterns

Four. Relax long shirt / 17,600 yen (tax included)

"Relax long shirt" featuring a relaxed silhouette.

Not only can it be worn easily, but the design is effective, so you can wear it on or off.



It is recommended that the coordination looks tight when the turtleneck is attached below.

In addition, the design is empty, so accessories such as necklaces shine very much!

Please try it with your favorite accessories.

There are three types of patterns

Five. Relaxing pants / 16,500 yen (tax included)

"Relaxing pants" that can be organized casually and officially.

Because the waist is rubber specification, it can be worn easily for a long time.


The shape of the pants is straight, so it shows it.



If you wear a shirt and wear it, it will give you an eye, so the leg length effect is outstanding!

Of course, it is wonderful to enjoy coordination with color and pattern, as well as simple tops!

There are three types of patterns

6. At the end

Did you enjoy the introduction of new clothes?

Many other patterns will be available in addition to the introduction this time, so please check out the new items.

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