Healing bag! ? Fluffy new items, quilting tote

Hello everyone. I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's finally October from today. The other day, I was surprised to notice that it was another three months this year ...!

By the way, this time is the introduction of the new item "Quilting Tote" that arrived at the online store today.

1. What is quilting tote?

2. Color variations

3. At the end

1. What is quilting tote?

Quilting tote / ¥ 10,120 (tax included)

At first glance, it is a normal trapezoidal tote, but the bag itself contains a sponge, and the touch is very fluffy! It looks as if you are touching a cushion, and it is comfortable and healed ... It looks like a colon and a cute atmosphere.

The size is 36cm wide x 26cm in height x 12cm in gusset, and it is a size that allows you to fit your own bottle, folding umbrellas, pouches, etc. required for going out.

The cushioning is amazing, so it will protect it even if you put precise things such as tablets and cameras.


It is also a nice point that the mouth of the bag has a chuck.


There is a pocket outside and inside the bag.

On the outside, one side of the bag is a one -sided pocket, so it is perfect for putting out a wallet, smartphone, pass case, etc., but not in a small pocket!

The leather of the handle tightens the fluffy impression and upgrades the stylish feeling.

2. Color variations

I would like to introduce some new patterns!

"Vibes Red & Blue" with a stylish pink of exquisite colors

"Carnival" that makes coordination gorgeous with bright colors

"Snow flowers" with a beautifully curved pattern like a plant -like plant

"Candy" where the square zumaki is a pleasant

There are many other patterns in the online store!

3. At the end

How was the introduction of the quilted tote?

A fluffy healing quilted tote perfect for fall and winter. It is a perfect bag for appearance and functionality.

By all means, online store new items "Quilting totePlease check it out from the page!

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