Recommended staff! Introduction of Kikoi Ribbon Bag

Hello everyone. This is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

October is the fall of appetite. I'm addicted to chestnuts recently♪

Not only sweets such as Maronbaumkuchen and Mont Blanc, but her grandmother sent me chestnuts, so I made chestnut rice myself! It was delicious. (By the way, he sent me the astringent skin (laughs))

Autumn in the fall of appetite ~

By the way, this time, we will introduce the new item "Kikoi Ribbon Bag" that arrived at the online store on October 8 (Fri) 21:00!

1. What is Kikoi Ribbon Bag?

2. Color variations

3. At the end

1. What is Kikoi Ribbon Bag?


In Uganda, "Kiki" is popular among women as a cloth wrapped around the waist.

Kiki Ribbon Bag is a bag that allows you to enjoy two materials, Kiki and African plints at the same time!

The best point of the Kiki Ribbon Bag is a reversible place. It can be used properly according to TPO and coordination.


If you make Kiki on the surface, you will get a calm impression. The handle's African plint shines even more♪


When the African plint is turned on, it becomes gorgeous at once and the leading role of coordination.


Another point is length adjustment. You can connect the ribbon yourself, so you can arrange it freely!


If the handle is longer, you can use it as a shoulder bag!

As a main bag, you can use lunch boxes and water bottles as a sub -bag for putting in a bottle, or use daily necessities and use it as an interior item.

Because the gusset is wide, it is also a nice point to be independent when you put in things.

2. Color variations

By the way, here are some patterns scheduled to be arrived this week!


The classic big eye pattern "Big Eye Turquoise & Green". The refreshing blue and green combination gives you a feeling.

Perfect for the coming season! "Bud / Blue" is accented with an autumn color orange reminiscent of autumn.

"Holo -holo blue & blue", which features fine bird patterns, makes the combination of pale blue and dark blue finish elegantly.

In addition, there are various patterns, so don't miss it!

3. At the end

Thank you for reading so far♪

"Kiki Ribbon Bag"Please check it out! There are also patterns other than the arrival of this time.

Then look forward to the next column!

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