Surprisingly big! Chitenji Kinkhaku. Introducing the perfect pattern for autumn

good evening This is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

How are you all?

I am enjoying my daily coordination while thinking that it is hot, cool, and it is difficult to adjust the clothes. Autumn clothes are my favorite fashion!

Today, the first time in about half a year, ""Kitenge KinchakuI would like to introduce you.

I would like to send you the charm of Chitenji Kinkhak and how you are actually using it.

Kitenge Kinchaku
3,850 yen (tax included)

1. What is Chitenji Kinkhak?

2. How to use

3. Pattern introduction

Four. At the end

1. What is Chitenji Kinkhak?

A king chak made by African plastic, the size is 23cm wide x 20cm in height x gusset 14cm.

The width of 23cm is almost the same as the height of 1L of milk pack (23.5cm)! It looks small when you squeeze your mouth, but it's surprisingly large and easy to put in!

In the product of RICCI EVERYDAYDenim peachorPaper bead bagIt's about the same.

It is also a favorite point that the knot of the string seems to be glossy. (MochetteIt is the same string. )


2. How to use

Of course, it will be fashionable as a kin -cha -jaku bag with African plint and stylish string.♪

I often use it as a bag -in -bag. iPad mini,Multi -caseI put a mask case, candy and wallet and put it in my bag.

(Personally, it is surprising to enter the multi -case packed in iPad mini and bread bread ... surprisingly big!)

Because it is troublesome, it is easy to be able to replace only the kin -chaku when replacing the bag.

The point is that you can see African plints when you look at the bag♪


3. Pattern introduction

Chitenji Kinkhaku that can be used as a kin -chaku bag and a bag -in -bag! What is worrisome is the pattern that is in stock! Here are some.


Orange and yellow "swallows" that make you feel autumn. Swallow that means money, or if you hold it as a bag -in -bag, you may get money! ?


"Chicken Gweno" that makes you feel Uganda's safari. It looks like autumn with earth color.


It's been a long time! Popular pattern "Kirin on the waterside". It is also cute to hold it as a bag according to the Bordeaux -colored clothes♪

Four. At the end

How was the introduction of Chitenji Kinkhaku? There are many other patterns in addition to this.Online siteplease look at♪

As an aside, October 16th is the World Food Day today. On the day of thinking about food issues around the world, the United Nations WFP Association is working on the "Zero Hanger Challenge", so please take a look here.


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