Permanent preservation version! Let's master the use of the Akero bag series!

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY! How are you?

Finally, it has become an autumn -like climate ...! Finally, it's a fun season! I'm glad I think I can start wearing my favorite khaki colored riders.

(Actually, I have a lot of thoughts, and among myself, I call this rider's "revenge rider" in comparison to the black "revenge dress" worn by Princess Diana (laughs) (for details, Hashimoto directly. Until ... (laughs))

It is finally becoming a fun season! So, this time, I would like to introduce how to use the Akero bag series by scene.

table of contents

1. Akero bag 4WAY

2. Medium Akello

3. Mini Akello

4. Akello Pochette

5. Akello Yoko


1. Commuting with Akero Bag 4WAY

The largest Achero bag 4WAY in the Akero bag series. A4 size documents are completely included.

That's why it's perfect for commuting and school! Because it is big, you can put documents, textbooks, books, etc. without thinking about anything (important here).

It is easy to hold with shoulder tote bag specifications. Achero bag 4WAY is long vertically, so you can take out the bag in the bag by making a shoulder tote bag.


(In the photo, I dare to take a notebook of A4 size out of the bag so that the size and feeling of use of Achero bag 4WAY can be used, but I took it with it ...).

If you commute to work or go to school with Akero Bag 4WAY, you can have a cute and smart luggage as shown in the picture, and you can walk dashingly!

It fits your body, so you can run with your shoulders. When shooting the above photos, it seems that he took a picture of the Akero bag 4WAY on his shoulder and ran.


2. Go out with Medium Akero

Medium Akero is the most popular size among the Akero series. This is popular because of the size that is very useful not only for commuting and commuting, but also for outing.

This time, I will introduce it for going out.

When it comes to going out, some luggage may increase. Achero bags are big, and even if you are a mini -kero (next to you next), you are worried about the size ... Medium Akero is recommended!

It is a convenient size bag that is "not too big and too small".

Looking at the photos, it is not as large as the 4WAY of the akero bag earlier, it is just the right size and is really easy to hold. It is also recommended for those who are small!


Even if your luggage increases at the destination, it is safe because it can be put in medium Akero.


By all means, please use Medium Akero to go out.

3. For a walk with a water bottle! Mini -kero

It is not a go out with medium Akero, but mini -kero is convenient when you go to a nearby shopping street or take a walk.

"Well, let's go there a little ... Wallet, smartphone, house key, pouch, and ... water bottle ... There is no space to enter the water bottle ..."

Isn't that? Mini -kero solves such "I can't enter the last item!"

The name is "mini", but it is an excellent thing that surprisingly puts luggage.

We always explain to our customers, "The height of tumblers and water bodies enters." It's a perfect size for a walk because the tumbler really enters.


With a feeling of size that is easy to hold, mini -size is popular in Daikanyama direct stores, especially recently.

Looking at the photos, it feels like it's a size suitable for a little outing. I think it's a good idea to put an eco -bag in a mini -kero, go to a supermarket or shopping street to go shopping.


4. You can ride a bicycle! Akeropo Shet.

The smallest Akeropo Shet among the Akero series. Because it is a pochette, it is recommended to hold it diagonally.

Of course, the other Akero bag series can be hanging diagonally, but the advantage of having the pochette diagonally is ...

Can ride a bicycle

That is the point. If it is another size, it is large and difficult to get on a bicycle, but if you are a pochette, you can row a smooth bicycle with a diagonal hanging.

Here is the situation


Please see, this dashing bicycle (laughs)

In this way, you can put a sub -bag in the basket in front of the bicycle and ride the bicycle with the pochette.


If you feel the attached strap is long, once tie it, the strap will be a little shorter!

If you have a business in your neighborhood, take an Akero -shet and ride a bicycle! It's very easy!

5. Akeroyoko is perfect for carrying a computer!

This year, the new Acheroyoko has joined the Akero series.

The conventional Achero series was a long time, but Akeroyoko is an Akero bag that is long next to it, as the name suggests.

Akeroyoko is a suitable size for putting a personal computer. It is recommended for those who carry a large laptop and carry a computer with remote work.


Recently, the climate has become easier to spend, so many people may be remotely work on the terrace seats in the cafe with a personal computer.

Akeroyoko is the one who plays an active part in such a case. Not only PCs but also other items such as pouches and wallets are included, so it is perfect for working outside!



What did you think. Did you now capture the Akero bag series? !

If you have any other "I use it in such a scene" or "I will enter such an item", please let me know.

This is a permanent preservation version, so please refer to it.

You are now an Akero bag master! !

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