This is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In the middle of October. It's Halloween soon♪

If you say Halloween, it's a sweets. I remember that I dressed as a child and went around the neighborhood house to get a lot of sweets (laughs)

Do you have Halloween memories?

In today's column, we will introduce a special event related to Halloween!

1. Event overview

2. Store -only gift

3. At the end

1. Event overview

In this Halloween project, we will sell a limited number of mini -size key holders of very popular paper beads and two -tone bags!

As the name implies, paper beads are beads that are cut and rounded by cutting paper one by one instead of plastic.

Archizans make each beads by hand.

Mini Paper Bead Bead Key holder / 3,850 yen (tax included) ( * with ball chain)

The point is that it is a two -tone Halloween color.

Here is the size of the size compared to the paper beads and colorful bags.

The size is W10㎝ x H7㎝ x D5㎝.

Because there is a gusset, you can put small sanitizers and lips!

If you put it on your bag or pouch, it will also be the point of coordination.♪

It will be sold for a limited time until October 31 (Fri), so please come.Online sitePlease take a look.

2. Store -only gift

Furthermore, at Daikanyama's directly managed storeFor those who have purchased the Akero Bag Series, a limited quantity will be presented with dry mangodoing!


( * Hagile ribbon is not attached)

It is a dry mango from Burkina Faso by African Square, which handles African foods and miscellaneous goods.

Burkina Faso is a small country located in West Africa. This dried fruit is guilty -free because it is not sugar, additive -free and gentle on the body!

The present period is until October 31 (Sun). Please come and visit the Daikanyama directly managed store♪



3. At the end

How was the introduction of the Halloween event?

Daikanyama's directly managed store has a limited time and decorates the inside of the store to Halloween specifications.♪Please come to play.

All the staff are waiting for you!

Look at the product