Introduction of Christma gifting trapping

I'm Kondo, the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

It's been about a month left this year. Is it time to look back on 2020, which was a different time flow than before?

... and before that, many people may be dancing in the Christmas season. The illuminations in the city are also lit, and the gorgeous time is coming soon!
RICCI EVERYDAY offers Christmas gift wrapping at directly managed stores and online stores. By all means for Christmas once a year, gifts for loved ones and those who are taking care of them.

◯ Commentary store Christmas gift wrapping
ChristmasGift wrapping (100 yen + tax)
Wrap it in light blue paper and put it in a shopper bag where the cloth is handle. Attach a Christmas card to your hand.

● Christmas gift set
Wrap it in light blue paper and decorate the entire box with a gold ribbon. Here, a Christmas card will be provided with the gold ribbon part.

There are three kinds of gift sets for directly managed stores.
You can choose the contents of the set freely.

● Achero series + candy pouch + dried fruits
This is a dried fruits set that can be selected from one of the four types of Achero series and a square -type candy pouch (W11 × H11 chuck part: 8cm), banana jack fruit, mango and pineapple taste.

● Cube pouch + dried fruits
It is a set of cube pouches and dried fruits that are nice as a small gift.

<¥ 2,500 + tax>

● Ecomi Dium + Cube Pouch + Dry Fruit

Eco -back series medium size (W28 x H31). There is no lining and it is thinner than eco -friendly, so it can be carried without bulky. It is a set with a cube pouch and dried fruit.

¥ 4,500 + tax>

At directly managed stores, we accept not only Christmas gifts but also normal packaging.
Please feel free to tell us.

● Normal gift back (100 yen + tax)
Wrap it in a light blue paper and put it in a shopper bag.

● Normal gift box (200 yen + tax)
Wrap it in a light blue paper and put it in a box.

● Normal gift set
Wrap it in a light blue paper, put it in a box and hand it over (no gold ribbon and Christmas card).
The set contents are available in the same content as the Christmas gift set.

● Achero series + candy pouch + dried fruits
● Cube pouch + dried fruits
● Ecomi Dium + Cube Pouch + Dry Fruit

In addition, small bags are also available for free bags for customers who purchase small items, so please consider them.

Christmas specifications: Add a Christmas card (left)
Normal specification: Please attach a shop card (right)

◯ Online store Christmas gift wrapping

● Christmas gift wrapping (100 yen + tax)

At the online store, we will prepare a Christmas card in a brown bag.

● Christmas gift box

We will deliver a gold ribbon and a Christmas card.
Please note that the set contents of the online store (pattern and dried fruit taste) are decided in advance.

● Christmas gift box / Achero series + candy pouch + dried fruits
・ Akero 4WAY ¥ 14,000 + tax
·MediumAkello ¥ 12,500 + tax
・ Mini -kero ¥ 11,500 + tax
・ Akero Shet
¥ 10,800 + tax

● Christmas gift box / ecomi diamy + cube pouch + dried fruits
¥ 4,500 + tax

● Christmas gift box / Cube pouch + dried fruits
¥ 2,500 + tax

Detail isonline storeYou can see it more.

* Regarding Christmas and this year's delivery time,HerePlease check.

By all means, please enjoy a gift gift with the color of the vivid African prints and the modest Christmas color wrapping of RICCI EVERYDAY.
You can choose the set contents at the directly managed store, so we hope you enjoy the time to choose the product.

HAVE A Happy Holiday!

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In addition, when you visit the store directly, we ask you to make a reservation in advance. Reservations on the day are also possible. Please make a reservation at least one hour before the desired time zone.

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