[September 17, 2020] I experienced an online customer service!

I'm Nasuko Hashimoto, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (a store directly managed by Daikanyama).

It's getting easier to spend, and the autumn breeze has become a pleasant climate. When the temperature difference comes out, my body is surprised, so recently I've been spending time warming up at home so as not to cool my body.

Today, my home time will be exciting
Introducing RICCI EVERYDAY services and online customer service.

1, What is online customer service?
2, First of all, from advance reservation
3, Start shopping with online customer service!
4, Impressions of the experience

1, What is online customer service?
From April of this year, at the directly managed stores, we would like you to have an exciting shopping experience like when you came to the directly managed stores while you are at home, based on the idea that you want to provide your home time as more fulfilling. With the desire to do so, we have started an online customer service.

The online customer service is a service in which directly managed store staff can connect customers with LINE video calls to ask questions, consult with customers about products, and propose coordination.

There, I actually experienced the online customer service, and I would like to share my impressions!
"Respect for the Aged Day" is approaching, so this time we talked about presents for my grandmother.

2, First of all, from advance reservation
Before using the serviceReservation formMake a reservation at and tell the staff what you want to see and the color you want through the LINE message.
This time, a paper bead bag that my grandmother seems to likeYellow / orange andPouchI asked for something with a green or pink color in advance.

3, Start shopping with online customer service!
After completing the consultation with LINE message, the online customer service will start immediately through LINE video call.
The colorful shops and products spread out beyond the screen, and I suddenly said "Wow!".
It's exciting to add color to your home time.

We asked them to actually show us the paper bead bag and pouch of the products we told them in advance.

Not only the color and texture of the bag, but also the actual feeling of use, such as how much things can fit in the bag using a PET bottle, mini-sized magazine, pen, etc., is safe.

Also, when I told my grandmother that she often wears beige or brown clothes, she said, "I think that brown clothes look yellow."

You can talk with the staff and talk with them, and you can enjoy the fun as if you were actually shopping at a store.

The pouch is colored in the color that was told in advanceCosmetic pouchWhenCube pouchI had you prepare some.
There are various color combinations for the pouch, but it's fun to choose which one to choose.

Finally, this time, I chose the yellow paper bead bag as a gift for my grandmother!

This is the end of your video call shopping. Later, the staff sent me an image of the product selected and a message to guide me to purchase.
You can rest assured that you can check the selected product even after the video call is over.

4, Impressions after the experience
This time, I had the opportunity to experience the online customer service in order to choose a gift for "Respect for the Aged Day", and it was a very enjoyable and meaningful time.

I was afraid that I couldn't go out and shop, but through this service, I was able to shop with the staff while staying at home, which made me feel like my time at home was upgraded. ..

Why don't you spend your time at home and have a good time shopping with our online customer service?

The staff will welcome you after conducting temperature measurement and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate in disinfecting with alcohol gel near the door.

Currently, at our directly managed stores, we are offering online customer service via LINE video calls so that customers who live far away can enjoy shopping.
In addition, please make a reservation in advance when you come directly to the store.

You can make advance reservations for visits and online customer service from the links below.

Advance reservations for visits and online customer serviceFrom here


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