[November 2, 2020] Daikanyama walk vol.2

It is Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member (younger sister).

It was a season felt autumn 深 まりが day by day. How are all of you getting along?
From daily life changing in a new lifestyle slightly a break.
Do you not go for search for のおいしいを in autumn to be invited to the refreshing clear autumn sky, and to be able to enjoy to the full?

 By the way, I introduced a recommended spot of Daikanyama that I visited in the past until the last time.
Long-awaited this time (?) It becomes the new reclamation.

"Daikanyama" located along Tokyu Toyoko Line is a treasure house of wonderful cafes! Therefore it follows it and introduces the wonderful shop which I including the popular cafe of the topic and the little-known spot cafe which have not been yet known visited in SNS.

The shop to introduce this time,
Walk from a direct management store; and for approximately one minute,It is along Daikanyama Yahata StreetRoti Chez Lui (ロティシェ リュイ)です.

It is the open cafe in the terrace of the stone pavement in the Daikanyama address.

The shop sign menu is "pre-loti (retisserie chicken)" which is a French national home-cooked meal. When the chicken baked slowly and carefully in the exclusive grill in the shop eats a mouthful; of the Shin pull is appetizing by the seasoning that did well while tasting it.

 My recommendation "is the salad loti" that carried the chicken on board abundantly.
I am overjoyed, and the saute of the potato which breathed taste of the chicken is attached to the mimosa salad which was fully served in a big container and I eat and endure it and am distinguished salad.
In addition, it is a nice point to be able to choose size of the salad and that I can set bread.

It is attractive one that I can have a delicious cake of "シェ リュイ Daikanyama store" in the opposite side of the shop on a cafe menu.
I had "the Mont Blanc of the sum chestnut".

It is heavy, and, under the chestnut of sticky taste, sweetness reserve えめの fresh cream is fully clogged up and is at all one article with the feeling of satisfaction.

Because it is open from 8:30 of the morning to 21:00, this shop is the recommended cafe which is available in a person wanting to eat the person who wants to do 朝活 and various lunches today's, to be able to have, the scenes again all as dinnertime.
When you want to take a break, please go to visit it.

When, for everybody, visited Daikanyama; of the selection of cafe when can refer to it, is happy.

I carry out The staff invites all of you after enforcement of the thermometry and mask wearing.
When you had you come to the store, please cooperate with sterilization with a certain alcohol gel near a door.

 About pre-order, the online waiting on customers service of the I want a visitor living in the distant place to enjoy shopping at the direct management store and guide online waiting on customers service by LINE video call now.
In addition, I ask for a prior reservation when I have you come to the store directly. The reservation of the day is possible, too. Please make a reservation within one hour before visit hope time.

The pre-order of the visit, the reservation of the online waiting on customers service are possible than the following links.
Pre-order, the online waiting on customers service of the visitFrom this

From Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikan-yama Station center wicket a 4-minute walk
Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 24-1ROOB2 second floor C 03-6455-2446