[October 28, 2020] about an Ugandan dish

It is the Nishino sign of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

Recently I came to often see a restaurant of the fusion cuisine in a town, but what dish does everybody like?
Including Japanese food, as for the Asian dish, many ingredients are employed mainly on vegetables; with the common denominator feel like. (imagination) 笑)
By the way, I introduce a remote Ugandan dish distantly today from Japan!

1. General domestic dining table
2. Imperial Court dish ルオンボ
3. Background of the Ugandan dining table-style
4. Agriculture problem of Uganda
5. One article of an unrivaled article asking representative Chizu Nakamoto

1.General domestic dining table

As for the Ugandan general meal, staple food is the center,2-3 kinds of +1 staple food greenIt is the style in contradiction to the meal consisting of soup, three side dishes and rice of と Japan. In Uganda, the cultivation of cereals is carried out flourishingly, and variety of the staple food is abundant.

A staple food example:
・マトケ: I steamed a green banana (not sweet) which did not become ripe and mashed it
・ポショ: I kneaded powder of the white corn
・Potatoes (potato, sweet potato, yam)
・Karo: I kneaded the powder of the ひえや foxtail millet

It seems to be an Ugandan traditional cooking method that I wrap ingredients in the leaf of the banana in this way, and it is sultry.

It is mainstream I sprinkle the stew of the bean and the sauce of the peanut in these, and to eat.
That it is unshelled, and the peanut may stew it and becomes purple by a pellicular pigment.

The photograph is peanut paste soup and mash of the potatoes.
It is the dish of the color not to get used to in much Japan, but Nakamoto reason of the representative, this seem to be unrivaled articles!

2.Imperial Court dish ルオンボ

It is a dish called ルオンボ which it is ever the Ugandan Imperial Court to introduce successively, and was eaten.
It seems to be often eaten now on a wedding ceremony and the special day including the festival day.

If this boils meat (chicken, goat meat, beef) and a fish (Nile perch and tilapia) with the vegetables such as an onion or the tomato on the leaf of the banana slowly and carefully for two hours from one hour, it is completion.

Please touch it to the staple food which you introduced the soup stock which went out of ingredient materials and meat and the vegetables to some time ago.

3.Background of the Ugandan meal-style
By the way, it was the Ugandan dish which was totally completely opposite to the Japanese meal-style, how would this style be established?
It is thought that this food culture has the trace of the former colony times.

Uganda was a former colony of the British Empire, and a slave brought from India ruled over this ground. Therefore there are still culture and the dish with the Indian atmosphere in Uganda slightly.
For example, in one of the dishes which can well eat as breakfast in an urban area such as the crepe called the chapati bake it, and there is bread, but is lightly one article that this reached from India. That I have with tea.
In addition, in fact, I see a curry person well in Uganda.

In addition, cereals are the center, but, as for the Ugandan dish, it is thought that this is the influence that comparative cultivation concentrated a laborer in the colony times so that high nourishment is provided from the easy and caloric crops as introduced.
Therefore there are many caloric dishes, and the obesity becomes one of the social problems in Uganda now.

4.Agriculture problem of Uganda
Because land and the aquatic resources which are fertile in Uganda are abundant, not only cereals, I am suitable for the cultivation of various farm products including vegetables.
However, support is a necessary field to put up a prop unlike the strong crops such as cereals when it becomes the cultivation of vegetables, and to need knowledge though I cultivate it when I use the pesticide.

There are many chemicals, and a lot of farming families using a pesticide may be included in vegetables brought up there excessively and it is raw and cannot eat it, and there seems to be the health damage without this support catching up with it.

In addition, it is agriculture to become the big business if I perform it with right knowledge, but in the first place a self-sufficient thought is strong and roots in Ugandan people, and it is thought that the change of the mind to be brought up, and to sell the above-mentioned crops in a market as much as oneself eat is necessary in development of future Uganda.

5.One article of an unrivaled article asking representative Chizu Nakamoto

The rice which was delicious for Chizu Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY representative who spent half of one year in Uganda most in Uganda? I heard と.

When do it; "the gumbo which an aunty made in the northern part of Uganda is unforgettable"! との answer. It seemed to be common in Uganda to take the soup stock in a chemical seasoning such as the Japanese consomme, but this aunty seemed to take the soup stock from dried small sardines.

That it was attracted in an innovative idea to take the soup stock with dried small sardines in Uganda where the eating habits had many conservatives.
A dish and the dried small sardines tomato-based in Japan are combinations not to hear very much!

In addition, that, speaking of meat, beef and chicken, goat meat are mainstream, and much pork is not common because there are many Muslims in Uganda.
But "want to eat pork"! When I thought of と, I seem to visit the place called the pork joint in the alley of the downtown.
It seems to be a charbroiled stand meal in pigs, but this seems to be already an unrivaled article! "I match beer very much"! I said (though I do not drink 笑).

Finally to Nakamoto whether though "the taste is different from the Japanese dish in the balance considerably, the Ugandan dish is not troubled with a meal" I heard と.

When do it; "the Ugandan dish tastes slightly good old, and do not get tired"! とのこと.
The Ugandan people take pride in their food culture again, too, and "I have abundant farm products, and the neighboring country cannot imitate this because there is this fertile land"! I seem to say とよく.

Through a meal, I saw some life of Ugandan people!
The motto of my dish sprinkles labor and time in "being" to be able to simplify early in this way; and staple food (as for it as for several articles!) I thought that I must follow Ugandan people who cooked と main greens.

In the place that was hungry with many many appetizing Ugandan dishes, it is parting today.

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