About the Akello Box in October (October 23, 2020)

Good afternoon.
Hashimoto is a member of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill, a member of the Kanzan-directly-operated shop.

It's getting colder and colder and it's the season when coffee feels delicious, isn't it?
This is a very grateful season for Hashimoto, who likes coffee more than three meals a year.
What kind of coffee do you all like?

Now, it's been on sale since August 28th. Could you check the RICCI EVERYDAY new service, Achelo Box?
Thanks to many people, I received an acero box, and I was delighted to hear and comment on me.Thank you.

This time, I would like to introduce the new RICCI EVERYDAY new "Achelo Box".

1. What is the Achelo box?
2, why did you start the Akello Box?
3, About Item Content
4, How to apply
5, last

1. What is the Achelo box?
I think there's a lot of people who think, "What is the Akellobole, not an alklobag?"

The Achelo boxThe concept of "creating a meeting that resonates with the senses of five senses" is the concept of " creating a meetingRICCI EVERYDAY is a regular service that lets you send various items and content to your home once every month! (Recently, I think it's often a subscription.))

On August 28th this year, I have been on the RICCI EVERYDAY online site!
The theme of each month is decided, and the one along the theme is packed into a box (box) and delivered to your home.

2, why did you start the Akello Box?
Now, I would like to explain why RICCI EVERYDAY has started its regular service.

The Corona virus was popular around the world in February 2020, and it was declared a state of emergency, and it was inevitable that the stores directly managed to close the store.

Until then, we had to focus on the direct management of the stores.We've been cherking our connections and communication with our clients.But when I closed the shop,I found out how the connection with the guests was the support of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In addition, the number of hours will increase, and how much time will be spent at home.I thought, when I thought about it,I found out how the environment that was so careless and incomprehentable was inspiring us humans.

From this background, I thought that there would be a way to live a prosperous and prosperous day by connecting with customers in a different way, and the Akello Box was created.

We humans spend every day through the five senses of touch, auditory, vision, smell and taste.However, as time has increased, it is now difficult to create unexpected encounters such as stimulating the sense of the five senses.
At home, there is a hope that each of the five senses that one person has had to be free to spend the day of the originals freely.

3, About Item Content
So, I'm going to show you what items and what the content is in the box.

(1) Coffee and dried fruit from Uganda
The Citrincaravan coffee and the dried fruit.at the time of the report.
The coffee and dried fruit produced in Uganda's organic farming is an exquisite! The dried fruit is delivered by pineapple, jackfruit and bananas.

(2) African printing (37cm x 37cm)
The coffee and the dried fruit are wrapped in the envelope.I don't know how the African print of the handle will arrive!

This is also available for use as a scarf in the box lunch box or in a bag.You may be cute to your fingerprints and link them together!

RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 senses" (Six-Sexes)
This is the theme of each month, and the content is written in accordance with the theme.
The September issue is the "SDGs".The October issue was "Ugandan."and we will deliver it under the theme of this.
It is a booklet with reading, such as a playlist, a book, and a movie list, of course, of course, of history and culture.

The name of the brochure is derived fromI want you to think of the five senses and the six senses that are born by the person who controls it. (5 + 1)"5 + 1 senses" was named after the first 5 + 1 senses.
I want to bring it to you, like a thicker magazine, a real magazine!

(This is a picture of the 5 + 1 senses September issue).

4. Statement card
This is the words of activists and celebrids who inspive people.Every day, I look at the words written there, and I'm afraid of having the power to get me.
You can put it on the wall, and you can send it to your family or your friends as a message.

(5) Mansleyft

This one is sending a point of gift for every month.
The September issue of Stainless Ecostraw and RICCI EVERYDAY original straw case were sent.
The October issue, too.RICCI EVERYDAY Original Mask of the African Printto the customer.

(September Monthly Mans-Gift: Ecostoro and RICCI EVERYDAY Oral Case)

(October Mans' s gift: RICCI EVERYDAY original mask)

This volume is delivered on a monthly basis of the volume's volume.I'm looking forward to getting you every month!

4, How to apply

To apply the Achelo box, please visit the "Achro Box" from the corporate website of RICCI EVERYDAY.And so,on-store dedicated to the Achelo boxit will fly, so you can buy it from there.
(* Please register in the online store here prior to this request.))

5, last

How was that?
"I knew the presence of the Achelo box, but I don't know how to say it."
It would be a good idea if we had a little bit of the thought that we had in the Achelo box.
Also, in the direct-operated shops, you will see the exhibition of the Ackero box, so you should take a look at your shop and say, "I want to see the real thing!"

We still have a long way to go, but we want to spend a little more of our daily life, while taking care of our hearts and bodies.

We are working on a thorough countermeasures against the corona.

Our staff will welcome the conduct of the survey and the masked sour to wear masks.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection of the car at the Alcohol Gel near the door.

Reservations are available in advance of the online contact service.
We are currently taking the online contact service online via LINE video call, in order to enjoy shopping at a directly-managed store.
In addition, you must make advance reservations when you visit a store directly.
You can also make a reservation on the day.Please make a reservation by one hour prior to the time of your desired time.

Reservations for pre-reservation and online customer service for visitors can be made by linking the following links:

The pre-order reservation and online contact service of the restaurantRight here.


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