[October 9, 2020] How to care for the Akello series

This is Kei Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

Do you enjoy the coordination of the Akello series, which is the representative product of RICCI EVERYDAY? I like the coordination that simply adapts to denim and plain tops.
Just put together a bag of vivid African print and you will get a stylish impression!

This time, I'm like that.How to care for the Akello seriesI would like to introduce.

1. When it gets dirty?

2. What if I have wrinkles?

3. Before you use

4. If there is a problem、、、

1. When it gets dirty?

The Akello series is made using African print on the surface, but because genuine leather is used for the part of the metal fittings that catch the handle, the bottom plate, and the shoulder, it is not possible to wash the whole thing.

If it gets dirty,a liquid in which a neutral detergent is thinned with wateron a towel or brush and drop it as if you were tapping it lightly.

2. What if I have wrinkles?
Especially, I think that wrinkles may be worried about while using it by all means because Akello 4way and Akello Medium can be folded in half and used as a clutch bag.

In such a case,Please apply the iron set to medium temperature across one handkerchief!

Then, like the new one, it is surprisingly picky (it is better not to use a steam iron.) )

3. Before you use
The cloth used by RICCI EVERYDAY is checked to see if it is out of color on its own, and only the cloth that has passed the inspection has become a product and has arrived at your hand.

Therefore, there is basically no worry of color fall, but it can be used for leather and cloth products before use.Lightly spray waterproofingWe recommend that you By doing so, not only can you use it without worrying about getting wet on rainy days, but it also protects you from daily dirt.

ThisWaterproof spray processing isEven in directly managed stores, it is 100 yen + tax.We have accepted in.(There is a possibility that the bag smells immediately after using the spray.) Thank you for your understanding. )
In addition, the storage method is
Avoiding direct sunlightPlease put it in and manage it.

4. If there is a problem、、、
Starting in January 2020, we will be working at a directly managed store so that you can use PRICCI EVERYDAY's products for a long time.Repair serviceWe have started to accept! We can repair the following parts.

Left and right metal fittings at the top of the bag (one side): 500 yen + tax (1,000 yen + tax on both sides)

Internal magnet: 2,000 yen per place + tax (4,000 yen + tax on uneven set)

Metal fittings on the bottom four corners (two places on one side): 1,500 yen + tax (3,000 yen + tax on all bottoms)

(The bottom four corners will be repaired in Uganda, so depending on the local situation, it may take several months to hand them over.) Thank you for your understanding. )

We have also published an article that summarizes the repair service, so please take a look at it together!
Akello series repair service is accepted at directly managed stores!

How was it?
If you use it while carefully taking care of it, you will become attached to anything. I hope you will be able to use your favorite print bag for a long time.
If you have any other questions, please contact our staff at our DM or directly managed stores.

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When you come to our store, please cooperate in disinfecting with alcohol gel near the door.

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