[September 22, 2020] Daikanyama walk vol. 1

It is Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member (younger sister).

The autumn sky is high and feels clear blue breathed in to be comfortable.
In these days when an autumn smell came to be felt in earnest, I do corona measures elaborately and want to enjoy outing.

By the way!
Do you not take a walk through Daikanyama with the direct management store together today?

Eating its way is a hobby, but I inform my recommended spot!
Name it; and "Daikanyama walk"

Around Daikanyama is good as a walk spot◎
When I find a stylish shop while walking and take a short break in a cafe, I can fully enjoy it!

When I visited Daikanyama this time, I introduce a shop wanting you to drop in by all means!

Introducing mePicassol
It is the shop of a delicious, reliable baked confectionery thinking about simple "of the" straight fact carefully.

At the moment when I entered the shop, baked confectionery のふわ - っとあまい smell drifts.
It was space to settle relievedly.

My recommendation "is a chocolate tip banana"◎
The price is reasonable and thinks that it is pleased as a small souvenir and present.

Other direct management store staff purchases a chocolate brownie.
Walnuts are studded with by ほろっとした chocolate cloth.
In the baked confectionery which is not too sweet, it is with affinity preeminence with coffee and the tea.

A baked confectionery of such a simple packing is prepared by kind richness.
A feeling increases just to watch the inside in a small but cozy stylish shop, various baked confectioneries.

Because the feeling of this day was tea, I seemed to have deliciously together at once.
I feel it to be delicious even if I eat the sweet thing when.

The season when autumn came to be felt in earnest.
In the middle of a walk in Daikanyama, please go to visit "Picassol" for a sugar intake.

I carry out The staff invites all of you after enforcement of the thermometry and mask wearing.
When you had you come to the store, please cooperate with sterilization with a certain alcohol gel near a door.

About pre-order, the online waiting on customers service of the I want a visitor living in the distant place to enjoy shopping at the direct management store and guide online waiting on customers service by LINE video call now.
In addition, I ask for a prior reservation when I have you come to the store directly.

The pre-order of the visit, the reservation of the online waiting on customers service are possible than the following links.

Pre-order, the online waiting on customers service of the visitFrom this

From Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikan-yama Station center wicket a 4-minute walk
Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 24-1ROOB2 second floor C 03-6455-2446

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