[September 15, 2020] Repair service of Akello series is accepted at the directly managed store!

This is a division of members of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

In this column, we are prepared at a directly managed store, Akello seriesWe will introduce the repair service!
We have introduced the following two services at directly managed stores in order to make our products used for a long time.

  1. Waterproofing service
  2. Metal repair in a variety of Akello series bags
  • Left and right metal fittings at the top of the bag
  • Internal Magnets
  • Metal fittings at the bottom four corners

    1.Waterproofing service
    Waterproof spray (100 yen + tax)
    If you bring a newly purchased bag or a bag you are currently using, we will put a waterproof spray on the spot at the directly managed store.

    By applying a waterproof spray, it is possible to reduce the color and dirt of the bag.
    We make sure that the color does not fall off at the manufacturing stage of the product, but it is recommended because it is easy to keep vivid colors by applying waterproof spray with a plus!
    After spraying,Please note that it may smell for a while.

    2. Repair of metal in various bags of the Akello series
    We accept repair of metal parts at directly managed stores.
    It is a form to keep the bag at the directly managed store, and to come to the store to receive the product as soon as the repair is completed.

    The parts that can be repaired are as follows.

    Left and right metal fittings on the top of the bag: 500 yen + tax on one side
    (1,000 yen + tax on both sides)

    Internal magnets:( 1 place) 2,000 yen + tax

    (4,000 yen + tax on uneven set)

    Metal fittings on the bottom four corners(Two places on one side)1,500 yen + tax

    (3,000 yen + tax on all bottoms)

    Note: In addition to the fact that the metal fittings on the bottom four corners are repair-compatible in Uganda, depending on the current coronavirus infection situation,It may take several months to hand it over. Please understand in advance.

    An African print that is unique and features different designs. In the same way, there are only a few products with the same pattern in the world.

    In order to be able to use the bag of the Akello series carefully selected by the customer for as long as possible,
    RICCI EVERYDAY offers repair services!

    It is difficult to go out, but please feel free to use it when you come to Daikanyama!

    < we thoroughly take measures against corona, and we are operating! >
    The staff will be greeted by the implementation of the temperature test and wearing a mask.
    When you come to our store, please cooperate in disinfecting with alcohol gel near the door.

    < advance reservation and online customer service for customers visiting the >
    Currently, we provide online customer service through LINE video calls so that customers living far away can enjoy shopping at directly managed stores.
    In addition, when you come directly to the store, we ask you to make a reservation in advance.

    You can pre-book your visit or book an online customer service service from the link below.

     Pre-booking and online customer service for your visitFrom here

    Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station 4 minutes' walk from the central ticket gate
    24-1 ROOB2 2nd Floor C, Sarrakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo03-6455-2446

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