No More Plastic Release

Hello, I'm a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

It's going to be a tough day.
However, you can meet colorful and energetic items that are not defeated by such weather at directly managed stores.

Now, in autumn, the fashionable and fun season has come! Autumn/winter clothes have a lot of calm colors such as black, brown, beige, but how about bringing such a colorful bag of RICCI EVERYDAY to the point of coordination? It is also exciting to go out a little imagining the figure with such a bag.

Now, in this column, I would like to tell you about theAbout the charge for packagingThat's it.

Have you ever thought that you don't have to wrap so many items when you shop?
It is used in many of the wrappingPlasticIs.

In recent years, everywhere in lifePlastic product
The impact they have on the environment is greater than we can imagine.SeriousIs.

This one was well received as a return of crowdfunding,

(1) Marine plastics
Until the plastic bag was paid, I think that there are many people who used plastic bags and wrapping without any notice. Some of them are short from the shop to your home and finish your turn in about 30 minutes, but it is said that if you don't handle them properly, you will always end up in the sea.

Marine PlasticsIt takes several tens of years for many to completely decompose naturally, and 600 years for long ones to drift into the sea during that time.

In addition, many garbage becomes small granules and sinks to the bottom of the world. This is what we callMicro-plasticand can have a negative impact on sea life and humans.

(Reference material)

(2) Warming
Some plastics are made from petroleum.
As the oil industry is being reviewed little by little due to growing interest in climate change, plastics are using a lot of oil in the production process.
In addition, plastic after disposal is burned, resulting in a large amount of harmful substances.
Various studies have shown that plastics are likely to be involved in the progress of global warming.

In recent years, there have been many disasters caused by abnormal weather around the world, and this plastic problem is thought to be one of the reasons.

(Reference material)

What can we do as RICCI EVERYDAY to reduce plastics that are ingering to the earth in this way? This question began with thePackaging feeThat's it.

This is the shopper of LYCCI EVERYDAY.

Current50 yen for regular packaging / 100 yen for gift (paper bag) / 200 yen for gift (paper box)You will be charged an additional fee for
In addition, the hand part of the paper bag is made from ghigire, which is no longer needed in the manufacturing process of bags and accessories, and the staff connects them by hand one by one. This is because of RICCI EVERYDAY's desire not to waste a little cloth.

I hope this initiative will give more people a chance to think about the environment, the plastic products around them, and the situation in which over-packaging is taking place.

RICCI EVERYDAY will continue to actively engage in initiatives that are friendly to both the earth and people, from where we can.
I would be happy if you could enjoy shopping in the store while feeling such a feeling even a little.
It is a time when it is difficult to go out easily, but please drop in at our shop by all means when you come near us!

We are operating with thorough measures against corona! >
The staff will be greeted by the implementation of the temperature test and wearing a mask.
When you come to our store, please cooperate in disinfecting with alcohol gel near the door.

Advance reservation and online customer service for customers
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In addition, when you come directly to the store, we ask you to make a reservation in advance.

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