[Report] Lecturer appears from Uganda! Paper bead bracelet making workshop was held♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

There are a lot of weather that I don't understand, such as getting warm or cold, but are you all sick? It looks like it will be very cold from now on, so let's get over it!

By the way, this time it was held the other day at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom the other day.Paper bead bracelet making workshopWe will deliver the situation.

The instructor is the staff of Uganda Kobo! It was the first event to connect Uganda and ZOOM, but it was a very fun event. I hope you can see the situation to the end.♪


1. Lecturer: Beatrice

2. Handmade from beads

3. Complete

Four. in conclusion

1. Lecturer: Beatrice

This time, Beatrice, who was in charge of paper beads at Uganda Studio, taught me how to make paper bead bracelets!


(The left is Beatrice, the right is the representative, Nakamoto)

Uganda and ZOOM were connected, and the representative of Uganda, who is currently staying in Uganda, interprets, and the Beatrice lectured on how to make it!

At first I was a little nervous about how to make paper beads online and to the Japanese, but they taught me very carefully about each process!

And most of all, the work speed of Beatrice was so fast that I felt a professional skill!

By the way, the items she usually makePaper beads and colorful bagsis.

Once you experience making paper beads, it's just amazing to make that bag alone ... It's a craftsmanship ...!

2. Handmade from beads

In this workshop, we started by making paper beads with paper instead of just connecting paper beads and making bracelets!


I wrap paper around a thin stick to make beads, but this work is very difficult ... Everyone was very struggling.

Apply the nail polish top coat and dry it. (When making in the workshop, we apply a stronger varnish)

Here is the beads that I made (laughs)


Regardless of the shape, the color is very beautiful, right? !


It was impossible to make beads that could make bracelets in time, so use the stocked paper beads.

I will pass the paper beads through Tegus.

This was also a very patient work ...!

3. Complete

Click here for the completed bracelet♪


The handmade paper beads were a good accent, and it was surprisingly stylish!

I wondered what would happen on the way, but ultimately everyone was very nice. And the paper beads made by professionals are beautiful.

By the way, Beatrice has completed one bracelet with paper beads made while lectures! As expected! !


Four. in conclusion

How was the report of the paper bead bracelet making workshop?

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