Introducing Kikoi Striped Bucket Tote that you can feel craftsmanship♪

Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

For me who woven fabric using loom at university, items that increase the tension have appeared!

Introducing a bag made of hand -woven kikoi, Kikoi Striped bucket tote.

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1. What is Kikoi Striped Bucket Tote?

2. detail

3. At the end

1. What is Kikoi Striped Bucket Tote?

Kikoi Striped bucket tote / ¥ 6,820 (tax included)

As the name implies, it is a bucket -shaped bag made of hand -woven fabric called Kiki.

Kikoi is a traditional African fabric and is often used mainly for waist rolls and stalls.

100% cotton, high density and solid fabric, and has a warm and soft touch.

A line that makes use of the sustainable materials of RICCI EVERYDAY and the craftsmanship of Uganda NAWOLOVU is released.

2. detail

Kikoi Striped Bucket Tote is a large, large -capacity bag made with a wide gusset.

There is a pocket inside, so it is convenient for storing small items!

The handle and the bottom use a highly saturated color and brightens the coordination.

There are two types of color development.

Orange with a color that looks like autumn,

Red with a vivid color.

Which color do you prefer?

Please enjoy the texture that is a bit different from African plastic and leather bags.

3. At the end

Did you convey the charm of the new product Kikoi Striped Bucket Tote?

Be sure to touch the bag where you can see the hand -woven craftsmanship in the showroom.♪

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