To yourself? To your important person? Would you like to give a holiday gift?♪

Hello everyone. This is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The holiday season soon.

I have only decided to eat delicious cakes this year (laughs).

I guess everyone has various wonderful plans.

In such a special time, the only thing that is indispensable is a gift!

In this column, we will introduce the holiday gift set of RICCI EVERYDAY♪

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1. What is a holiday gift set?

2. Type

3. At the end

1. What is a holiday gift set?

As the name implies, the holiday gift set released on November 25 (Fri) today is a perfect gift set for the holiday season.

Vivid African -print items will surely give a festival mood!

If you get a gorgeous gift, you will feel better.♪

How about a gift for your loved ones, as well as a gift from yourself.♡

This gift set has a theme included.

Introducing each theme and the type of gift set.

2. Type

"For those who are looking for items that make you feel better when you use it onOF. Gifts that you can easily enjoy African prints"

Mochette + Bandana (¥ 4,840)

The matching Mochette and Bandana will be the leading role of coordination.

Cosmetic Pouch S + Mini animal doll (¥ 3,960)

Gorgeously carry the porch to carry around every day with African printing. Animaldoll is wonderful even on the desk at the workplace.

“Set to deliver a support message to those who are moving to a new place”

Message Eco "Color, Power." + Animal Leather Key Holder (¥ 4,840)

A more cute look with an animal leather key holder.

"For those who like reading, a set that makes reading more rich"

Book cover + Petit bag (¥ 5,390)

Petit bag is just the right size to put a paperback book.

“Self -love set“ moisture with African plint ””

Lunch tote + be organic balm (¥ 6,930)

It is a set of a balm product with a collaboration product with the active organic brand "BE" and a popular lunch tote.

Balm's raw material is 100 % naturally derived from natural ingredients, and can be used on the whole body, such as hair, face, lips, hands, and nails.

"For those who like cooking, African items that color the dining table colorfully"

Apron + Mitton (¥ 7,920)

Mitton is a new work!

Lunchon mat + coaster (¥ 4,970)

Items that will color your life gorgeously seem to be pleased.

"To me who worked hard for a year. For me, a special gift with colorful items"

Mini Akello38 + Bargen Roll Charm (¥ 15,180)

Akello 38 series holiday gift was also available. Bargen Roll Charm is a charm made of Barkcloth.

Akello Pochette38 + Barnge Roll Charm (¥ 13,750)

Why don't you deliver the African breeze with a set of Akello bags and Barnge Roll Charms?

These are all patterns in the gift set. There are more African prints, so please look for what you like.

3. At the end

What did you think?

Think about holidays and raise your festival♪

I want to see it! I want to have it! By all means RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom Please come to you.

Online store Herefrom♪

* The gift set will be prepared in packaging for gifts. No additional order for gift wrapping (¥ 200) is not required.

* About wrapping
・ If you would like normal wrapping instead of holiday wrapping, please describe it in the remarks column of the "Cart" page.
・ The wrapping photo is an image

* About delivery
・ We will deliver the product ordered by December 18 by December 24 (excluding some areas).

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