OK if you master simple tips! Enjoy fashionable with winter akello coordination♪

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY♪How are you?

Halloween is over, the outside temperature has dropped sharply, and it's finally winter mode! The preparation for Christmas is about to begin, and Mariah Carry is ready to sing "All I Want for Christmas IS YOU"! ! Lol (For details, please check your Instagram. Lol)

In this column, we will introduce the coordination of the Akello bag that matches the winter clothes!

There are various outfits such as winter coats and coordinates according to basic colors.

In addition, we will introduce Tips for each coordination, so please take a look!

table of contents

1. List of Akello bags used

2. Excellent pattern that can be used in any scene! -Big Eye Turquoise & Brown -Edition

3. For an exotic atmosphere. -Oasis sunset -edition

4. Will you go ahead in winter? ! -Sompleted flower -edition

5. lastly

1. List of Akero bag series used

Click here for the Akello bag used this time!

Akello bag4way38 -Big Eye Turquoise & Brown-

Akello bag4way38 -Oasis sunset-

Akello Pochette38 -Flower in full bloom-

In winter, the large -capacity Akello bag 4WAY 38 is a perfect functional item for winter, as it has a little more items, such as mufflers, gloves, and knit hats.

Akello Pochette38 is an item that can be used for outing as a mini bag of this season.♪

2. Excellent pattern that can be used in any scene! -Big Eye Turquoise & Brown -Edition

Big Eye, the most popular pattern in RICCI EVERYDAY. This time, we pick up a calm color, turquoise and brown.

It is such an excellent item that is not sober just because it is calm, but also has a gorgeousness due to the big pattern of the big eye.


This item combines the color of the brown and the coat used in the bag to cherish the sense of unity.

Perfect for office casual and outing outfit!


At the point, the white muffler is also turned on. Then, the sharpness comes out and the coordinates are slow.

Volume mufflers can be stored easily with Akello bags 4WAY 38.♪

3. For an exotic atmosphere? ! -Oasis sunset -edition

It is a bag featuring a combination of emerald green and red color and a pattern that has water.


Winter is also the rider's season, so wear a khaki green riders according to the emerald green of the bag.

In addition, a red turtleneck is worn according to the red of the bag.

It's a Christmas color at once! smile

(Laughs that wearers are not intended)

The depth of the color used is deep, so it doesn't look so flashy.

If you match the items with a cool impression, such as riders, the edge will be effective.

Surprisingly, you can see that African plints change their facial expressions depending on the items they match.

Four. Will you go ahead in winter? ! -Sompleted flower -edition

I used Akero Po Shet 38 as a mini bag, and I tried the trendy tweed jacket this season.

Floral pattern x tweed is outstanding! Transform into a feminine atmosphere at once.


Not only tweed x floral feminine atmosphere, but also the lower body is a sweet and spicy MIX by casually down with denim and boots.

Of course, even if you add the skirt!

Then you will get a gentle impression.

Five. lastly

What did you think?

African plinting has a strong image of matching in spring and summer clothes, but in fact, it goes well with the clothes of autumn and winter clothes.

Rather, I have the theory that autumn and winter is an item that can be matched.

This winter, please be fashionable and go out with an Akello bag.♪

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