[Event repo] Easy to make! Stylish Hagilleléce workshop♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The year is steadily approaching, but how are you all going? A little more until the year -end and New Year holidays! Let's do our best!

By the way, in this column, we will introduce the leasing workshop held at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom on December 11 (Sun).

It was easy to get a stylish lease and it was very popular with the participants.♪We will also introduce how to make it, so if you can prepare ingredients, please try it!

1. Preparation

2. I will make it!

3. Complete♪

Four. in conclusion

1. Preparation


Start after receiving a lecture on how to make it from the instructor staff as usual♪

The following five things are needed.

・ Hagile

・ Bamboo skewer


・ Rice foundation


The base of the wreath can be replaced with styrofoam circles, not like grass (?) In the photo.


I use a lot of hagilly, so please prepare a lot! (Laughs) This time, we prepared a lot of 5cm square. You can add it later, so it seems good to prepare while watching the situation.

2. I will make it!

Let's make it immediately after receiving a lecture!

How to make it is surprisingly easy♪

First, the tip of the bamboo skewer comes in the middle of the hagire, and wrap the hagire around the bamboo skewer. (Image like an umbrella)

How to wind is appropriate and OK!


Once wrapped, attach the bond to the base of the wreath. The point is to stab a little deeper. Be careful as the cloth will open if the stab is shallow!


All you have to do is stab more and more!

Everyone was hooked on the work of stabbing. (Stress relief effect!? Laughs)


If you stab the cloth inside or outside, the wreath is recommended for more three -dimensional.


Please stab while looking at the overall balance of colors and shapes!

After stabbing the cloth, connect the ribbon to hang the wall to the base.


3. Complete♪

Here is the finished wreath!


It should have been made with the same cloth, but it was very interesting to have something with a different atmosphere!

You have a personality.

The representative Nakamoto was taken home with the wreath with the Berk Cross ornament purchased in Uganda as a souvenir.


This ornament was so cute, and the participants and the staff were all rising!

(SELECTED by C, a small item purchased by the representative Nakamoto in Uganda, will be released on Friday, December 16, so look forward to it.♪)

Four. in conclusion

This time, everyone was able to hold a fun and friendly workshop. Each time, we can talk with RICCI EVERYDAY customers other than shopping, and the event in a showroom where you can communicate a lot is a monthly fun among the staff.

Please participate in the monthly event! We'll be expecting you.

January is "" JanuaryOnline semi -order meeting"is my plans. It is a revolutionary event where you can connect Uganda's cloth markets to ZOOM and order one of your favorite items of RICCI EVERYDAY with your favorite cloth! It will definitely be exciting, so I'm very excited from now on.♪AcclaimreservationWe are accepting!

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