The staff will tell you the charm of a lucky bag!

hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's gradually becoming a full -fledged cold.

Well, next week is finally Christmas! After that, the New Year will come soon!

In a blink of an eye, 2022 is about to end.

What kind of year was the year for you?

Looking back on this year, I hope you can start 2023 with a new feeling.♪

Today, we will deepen some sets from the lucky bags that are on sale, and we will tell you the charm.♡

If you are a reward you worked hard this year, or if you feel like "I'll do my best in 2023!"♪

table of contents

1. Just a pouch set

2. Office accessory set

3. Travel accessories set

Four. last

1. Just a pouch set

As the name suggests, this lucky bag is an interesting lucky bag with a pouch.

The naming sense is also the best! (smile)


Speaking of the charm of RICCIEVERYDAY pouches is "functionality."

Depending on the items to be put in and the situations you use, you can use them properly.


Basically, what kind of porch it is in it is a fun after it arrives, but I will introduce my recommended pouch.♡

Multi -case


It looks light pouch. In fact, there are two zipper pockets on both sides, with a total of four pockets.

Each pocket is independent, so you can put a lot of items and can put it smartly.☆


By the way, I put regular medicine, disinfecting spray, wet tissue, tissue, bandage, masswash, etc. (smile)

Even if you put it in a bun, it's a nice point to be refreshing in your bag.

If you think about it, you don't buy a pouch too much ...! When it comes to 2023, you may be able to start comfortably if you newly.

There are many other functional pouches, so please look forward to it.♪

2. Office accessory set


This is a accessory set that can be used in the office.

It is recommended for those who say, "Because I work every day, I want to use cute items to improve my mood!"

As shown in the photo, there are several pouches and mini bags.

The photo shows a set with a tablet case and ecomi -diamy as an example.


The porch can include a PC charger and a stationery such as a post -it pen.

The mini bag is perfect for carrying only valuables when traveling inside the company!

If you have RICCI EVERYDAY items, you may be able to talk with your boss, colleagues, juniors, and even your business partners.


3. Travel accessories set

Many people think, "I want to go on a trip in 2023." !

This is a set of accessories that can be conveniently used during travel.


There are also pouches and mini bags.

Some popular eco bags may be included!

( * The contents are fun after it arrived.)


It may also include clothes and underwear when traveling, and convenient pouches ◎.

It is convenient because you can swell on carry bags and bags.♪

By all means, how about a trip!

Four. last

What did you think? The real pleasure of a lucky bag is that the contents are fun after it arrives.

You may have a new encounter that you don't usually choose. Through your lucky bag, let's find new possibilities beyond your frame♪

* Lucky bags will be reserved until Thursday, January 5, 2023.

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