One rank is up! 4 accessories you want to take this summer

hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The hot days continue, and I don't feel much better, but I want to find a small fun! So, I wear small items that make me feel better and go out.

This time, we will introduce four types of accessories that make you feel like you want to incorporate them into such summer outings.✨

  1. Clay piercing
  2. Masai bead piercing
  3. Paper beads necklace
  4. Plus Vendome Collaboration Accessories

  1. Clay piercing

An unusual pierced piercing with dull color in RICCI EVERYDAY.

By the way, this earrings are handmade by Uganda designers one by one. I met a friend of the representative Nakamoto, introducing this brand.

InstagramThe world view is also very nice, so please check it out!

It seems that the pierced earrings were usually formed using a mold that would normally become garbage. Uganda culture of making things by utilizing things around you

I can feel it!

Although it is a unique and cute pierced earring, it is not only cute, but also the representative Nakamoto's desire to make the design and fashion from Uganda be more many people, so we sell it on RICCI EVERYDAY.

Why don't you incorporate it into fashion while touching Uganda's manufacturing?

  1. Masai bead piercing

Earrings made of Masai Beads, famous for Kenya. Colorful beads will definitely brighten summer coordination!

In the Uganda market, Masai Beads' accessories are popular and are lined up.

Although it is a color with a presence, it is a perfect item in summer!

  1. Paper beads necklace

The most attractive thing of this item is lightness.

At first glance it tends to be heavy, but it's very light because it's made of paper!

Because it is made long, it is recommended to incorporate simple clothes as accents!

There are various colors and shapes, so please find one of your favorite points.

  1. Plus Vendome Collaboration Accessories

Finally, I would like to introduce a collaboration accessories with PLUS VENDOME, which I love.

I had lost it on the day I started using a new ear cuff, but I have never dropped it (laughs)

And the good thing about this collaboration item is that there are items that are both ear cuffs and rings.

It's a nice point to be able to use it in various ways according to the coordination!

In addition, we also introduce necklaces and earrings, so please take a look!

  1. At the end

How was it? Summer where there are plenty of fun things such as festivals, leisure, and festivals. Would you like to wear a cute adult accessory and enjoy summer?


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