Recommended for summer! Review fashionable items that can be used for multi♪

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The weather that has been damped in the rain continues. I want to feel the summer when it's clear and sunny ... (I don't like the heat, but lol)

By the way, this time, I would like to review recommended items in summer! That's here ...

Denim peach"is!

Denim peach with a nice combination of denim and African plint. It is an item that many customers picked up at the former Daikanyama direct store. Personally, I think it is a very fashionable item among RICCI EVERYDAY!

Then, we will review in detail, such as recommended points and recommended reasons for summer.♪

1. The form is fashionable

2. Surprisingly plenty of capacity

3. Reasons for recommended in summer

Four. Seasonless while saying

Five. in conclusion

1. The form is fashionable

Denim peach featuring a small cashier bag. Even if you hold it as it is, it is fashionable and cute, but if you have one handle through the other, it will be a more stylish form.

It looks like a colon drawstring and it's so cute!

I have a large key chain here and give a more "colon feeling".

What is attached is "Doll key chain"is. This is also unique and cute and recommended♪

On both sides of the denim peach, there is a ring that can pass the key chain, so be sure to attach a key ring and enjoy the form of the colon colon!

2. Surprisingly plenty of capacity

Although it is a small bag denim peach, it is also recommended that something that surprisingly enters.

In addition to the minimum required items such as wallets and pass cases, pouches and paperback books are also included. I'm not in the photo, but my smartphone has also entered!

Actually, there is a gusset in denim peach, so I get a lot. It's small but excellent!

In addition, it is durable because it has lining. Even if you put a lot of things, you don't feel unreliable.

Speaking of luxury, if there is a small pocket inside, it may be more convenient to store small items such as keys and accessories.

3. Reasons for recommended in summer

The reason why denim peach is recommended in summer is that it is "perfect for yukata"!

Because the area of ​​African plint is small, it does not fight with the yukata pattern, making it a good accent. With denim momo, wouldn't it be possible to make a yukata style that nobody wears?

In addition, since it can be washed round, it can be used as an accompaniment of summer leisure such as beaches and pools!

Four. Seasonless while saying

We introduced it in summer, but of course you can enjoy it in season.

Personally, it is recommended that you have an oversized clothes with a chocolate feeling.

The photo is winter, which matches the knit. It was incredibly cute when combined with a large silhouette down coat, MA-1, and wool long coats!

Five. in conclusion

How was the review of denim peach?

It is a recommended item with a stylish form with a colon and the width of the usable scene. If you have one, you will definitely be a big success this summer!

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