Deliver a cute ornament! Akero Box December issue


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff! How are you?

It became cold and my end of coldness began in earnest. At home, we wear indoor shoes like Mouton boots to prevent coldness. What are your coldness measures?

If you are warm at home like that, Christmas and the end of the year will come in no time.

This time, we will introduce the contents of the December issue of the Akero Box, which you can enjoy Christmas and the end of the year!

1. Theme "African Christmas"

2. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 SENSES"

3. Monthly Gift: Ornament

Four. Calendar card for January 2022

Five. Perfect for winter dry konuts

6. Cooling with drinks

7. Try flights as a gift

8. lastly


1. Theme "African Christmas"

The theme of the December issue of Akero Box is "Africa Christmas"!

Christmas has a strong Western image, but we will send an African Christmas atmosphere through the Akero box.

2. RICCI EVERYDAY Original Booklet "5 + 1 SENSES"

In the December issue of the original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" created by the Akero Box Team every month, the contents will be delivered under the theme of "Christmas".


In the booklet, I interviewed Carroll, Vicky, and Julian, the staff of Uganda Kobo, and listened to how Christmas spent. Surprising answers have been returned, so please take a look.

In addition, we also introduce customs at Christmas around Africa.

By the way, it was Vicky who took the photo on the cover of the booklet! I take a very cool photo! ! Great!

(In fact, there's a rumor that the influencer is also doing it ??)

3. Monthly Gift: Ornament

Earlier, I introduced an ornament that looks like a gingerbread or camel at an Instagram, which was distributed from Uganda's Fly Day Market, but this month we will deliver it! (yay!)

* We will deliver one of the gingerbreads or camels. Look forward to which one will arrive!

Very cute ornament. In December, of course, it is a design that can be decorated all year round, so I think you can change the place to decorate depending on the season.

By the way, Daikanyama's directly managed store is decorated as a Christmas tree ornament.


Please look forward to it!

Four. Calendar card for January 2022

In the December issue of the Akero Box, we will deliver a calendar card for January 2022 next year.

It's already a calendar card next January ... quick….


If you connect the December calendar card pattern sent in the November issue and the pattern of the calendar card for January, it will be one picture.

On January 1st, you may want to write your 2022 goal on the back of the card and decorate it on a wall or put it on a notepad or notebook.

What are your goals next year?

Five. New appearance! Perfect for winter dry konuts

This month, we will deliver dry konuts reminiscent of snow white. This is a new appearance!


This dry konut is dried out of coconuts removed from Ghana without using preservatives or additives.

When you eat it, the rich sweetness spreads in your mouth.

There are various arrangement methods, so it seems to be delicious if you put it in cookies and serials, as well as salmon roast!

Please do try that out.

Please let me know when you enjoy it.

6. Cooling with drinks

A warm drink is indispensable in winter.

Akero box can choose a coffee set or herbal tea set. Please choose a set that contains your favorite drink.

This month's coffee is "Mountain and Moonlight" from Uganda coffee. It is characterized by a well -balanced bitterness and goes well with dry konuts.




In the herbal tea set, we will deliver lemongrass from Ghana.


Lemongrass is characterized by a refreshing scent and can be drunk neatly. Do you have a beautiful skin effect ...? ! I also have a tattered skin in my mask life, so I'm thinking of asking for a herbal tea set (laughs)

Please relax with coffee or lemongrass tea.

7. Try flights as a gift

Until now, when purchasing, the trial flight was up to one type per person, but now there are no restrictions on the purchase!

We received a lot of voices from customers, "I want to send Akero Box to friends with gifts."

In addition, the price of the trial flight has been changed due to the cancellation of the purchase restriction.For more informationHerePlease see.

In addition, we also accept gift wrapping, so please check the gift wrapping item when purchasing and purchase.

From now on, the gift season will come in earnest, so how about a gift?

8. lastly

How about the December issue of Akero Box? This will be released from December 1st.

This is the Akero box of 2021! Thank you very much for your patronage of the Akero box for one year.

We will do our best to deliver better content next year! Thank you for your cooperation.

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