Kiki, who is outstanding, appears as that popular bag!

hello. This is the day of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's December. I love the excitement of the holiday season, so if you look at the illuminations, you will feel better.♪What are you excited about?

Today, we will introduce Kiki Reservokuro and Kiki Eco Circle White, which arrived on Friday, December 3rd! There was also the word that I would be happy if it was Kiki, so I'm glad to be able to introduce it!

1.What is Kiki?

2.Introduction of Kikiki Resibukuro

3.Introduction of Kiki Eco Circle White

4.At the end

1.What is Kiki?

A woven fabric woven with 100%cotton thread. It is characterized by a gentle touch and is also used as a waist roll, so it is durable and can be washed.

Kikui, which is hard to get in Japan, was surprised by the softness of the first time I touched it!

(It looks like it's actually woven.)

2.Introduction of Kikiki Resibukuro

Kikiki Resibkuro is a very popular register of the popular register L!

The lining of Kikui has been added and it can be used in reversible, so the fashionability has been further powered up.

Kikiki Recibukuro4,510 yen (tax included)

Normal registered cars are thin without lining, so it is recommended that you bring them as a main bag as a folded and portable bag.♪


If you look closely, it is a stylish point that the weaving method is slightly different on the way, and the weaving area is designed like a pattern.

2.Introduction of Kiki Eco Circle White

Eco Circle White also has a Kikoi version!

It is an eco -sorcelle white that adds a stronger and gentle touch.


Kiki Eco Circle White6,050 yen (tax included)

This is also an off -white kid, and the weaving area is designed like a pattern, and the degree of fashion is improved.


The tassel made of silk is also fashionable and cute♪


You can adjust the length of the string and change it to your favorite length. Try changing a handbag or shoulder bag depending on your mood and luggage weight.

Because it is reversible, the atmosphere changes drastically just by changing the front and back. I am grateful that African plints can be shown, shown on the whole, and that they can be changed according to the coordinates of the day.


4.At the end

Kikiki RecibukuroWhenKiki Eco Circle WhiteHow was it? By all means, please experience Kiki's gentle touch.♪

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