Naroho bag, long -awaited two colors at the same time! Also pay attention to the new lining pattern!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY. I'm trying to get rid of it in December, but how are you all? Shiwashi is busy, but be careful about your health and survive!

By the way, this time, we will introduce the "Naroho Bag" that arrived on the online store on December 10 (Fri)!


"Naroho Bag" isThe line focused on Uganda's crafts "NAWOLOVUThis is a product released in September from (Naulov).

If you open the bag while the simple leather exterior, the inside has an African plint on the entire surface, embodying the concept of this bag, "Silent Passion." About the thoughts in the "Naroho Bag"Past columnPlease take a look at RICCI EVERYDAY representatives, Nakamoto!

1. Specifications / color variations

2. capacity

3. Lining pattern variation

4.Mini Paper Beads Bag Keychain (Christmas ver.)

Five. in conclusion

1. Specifications / color variations

Naroho bag / ¥ 30,800 (tax included)

(A storage bag with the same pattern as the lining is attached.)

The recommended point of "Naroho Bag" is a soft leather. When I actually touched it, I was impressed by its softness and smoothness!

Soft leather is easy to handle and is perfect for everyday use such as commuting. The simple appearance is easy to match with various coordination, and it is a bag that is definitely heavy.

In addition, the cowhorn (cow horn) on the front of the bag adds fashionable and luxury.


There is a magnet next to the bag, which is a nice point that you can adjust the width of the gusset.

This time, Black and Camel, which were previously arrived separately, arrived at the same time! If you are lost in color, you can compare it.


Camel with a gentle shade like milk tea brightens winter coordination.


Is it black if you have a chic and cool atmosphere?

Please choose according to your liking♪

2. capacity

The size of "Naroho Bag" isWidth 35cm x height 28cm x gusset 16cm. (The attached storage bag is 53cm wide x 36cm high x gusset 17cm)

A feeling of size that can fit laptops, tablets, A4 size documents and files. You can also put a pouch and folding umbrella together.

There are two pockets on the inside of the bag, so you can store them here. Convenient!

RICCI EVERYDAY bags have a lot of pockets, so I'm really grateful ...!

3. Lining pattern variation


Introducing the lining pattern variations of the bag that arrived this time! Please express your "Silent Passion" with an African print that you can see when you open the bag.♪


"Big Eye Purple & Blue"


"Ice Age"


"Swallow Turquoise & Yellow"



Four. Mini Paper Beads Bag Keychain (Christmas ver.)

Mini Paper Beads Bag Keychain (Christmas ver.)/ ¥ 3,850 (tax included)

This time, in addition to "Naroho Bag", "Mini Paper Beads Bag (Christmas Ver.)" Is also available!


You can attach it to the bag as a charm. If you attach it to an Akero bag, you can enjoy African plastic and paper beads at the same time.♪


In addition to the charm, it can be used as an interior item in a small accessory case. It is also recommended to attach it to a Christmas tree!

Four. in conclusion

How was it?

"Naroho Bag" arrived this timeonline storeYou can buy it. In addition, you can see the sample directly at Daikanyama's directly managed store, so if you are interested, please come to the directly managed store!

Perfect for giftsMini Paper Bead Bag (Christmas ver.)Please check it out together♪

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