Can you use it in 4 ways even though it's a king chak? ! Surprising new product appears!

Hello, this is Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY. I recently got hooked on it, and when I walk around the city, I always see it. Recent gacha gacha has a high quality. Please try to turn it (laughs).

By the way, this time, it is an introduction of the new product "Big Kinky Bag". It is a versatile item that can be used in 4 ways even though it is a king.

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1. What is Big Kinkhak Bag?

2. There are 4 ways to use!

3. At the end

1. What is Big Kinkhak Bag?


As the name suggests, it is a large size and can be used as a drawstring or a bag.

Here are the charms from the three points!



(1) 3 D -cans

"3" is the point.



Two on the mouth of the bag and one on the side, so you can hold it as a tote bag and a shoulder bag. In addition, the string can be tied by yourself.



(2) There is an adhesive core at the bottom

If it is so big, wouldn't it be possible to keep the shape of the bag if you put a heavy thing? Those who thought!

This big kinky bag has an adhesive core on the bottom, so it is firmly made.



(3) Two pockets

There is a pocket with a chuck outside and inside the bag. With a 5.8 -inch iPhone11 Pro, it can enter both vertically or horizontally.



By the way, it is about the essential capacity, but there is plenty of time to insert this much.


2. There are 4 ways to use!

You can hold four ways and use it in various ways! You have to check this.



(1) As a kin -cha

First of all, it can be used as a usual drawstring. It can be used as a bag -in -bag, and it is perfect for storing suitcases used when traveling. It is fashionable to hold the strap string.

I personally think that the combination with a sizar bag is the best.



(2) As a tote bag


If you use two D -cans in the mouth of the bag, it will be a tote bag. The length of the string can be adjusted, so you can match your height.



(3) As a hand


If you shorten the length of the tote bag string, you can get your hands. The impression changes from the time of the tote bag!



(4) As a shoulder bag

If you use the D -can below, become a shoulder! After all, both hands can be empty. Even bicycles are easy.

3. At the end


The pattern introduced in the column today is available online!

Please check out the new RICCI EVERYDAY products.

Please let us know on SNS about your impressions when you tried using it.☺

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