Why don't you go on a "trip to find Africa Happy Print" with RICCI EVERYDAY?

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Released the other day, 3rd in the Sekahoshi Book"The world is more! 3 ~ I will continue to work beyond the sea! ~ "(Kadokawa)Have you already picked it up? Of course I got it with the release date!


I haven't picked it up yet! Good news for those who say.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we will have a campaign to purchase this book at a great price. In this column, I would like to tell you about the campaign.

1. About the campaign

2. About the book book

3. in conclusion

1. About the campaign

This time, RICCI EVERYDAY is the third installment"The world is more! 3 ~ I will continue to work beyond the sea! ~ "(KADOKAWA) will be sold at online stores and Daikanyama directly managed stores! (Crackling)

Then, we will carry out a great campaign after the theme of "Journey to find her Happy Happy Print with Chitsu Nakamoto".

Currently heldOn sale at cloth MarcheAfrican plastic fabric and books will be purchased at the same time, each will be 5 % offIt is a campaign! (Other products are not eligible for discounts.)

The third installment of the Sekahoshi book "The world is more! It's full of things you want 3 ~ I will continue to work beyond the sea!" (KADOKAWA) / ¥ 1,705 (tax included)


African plastic fabric / 50cm: ¥ 1,375 (tax included)

If you are not sure about purchasing, please take this opportunity to get books and African plastic fabrics! → About the campaignHerefrom!

2. About the book book

In March this year, we introduced RICCI EVERYDAY in the NHK general television "The world is full of things you want", and based on the contents, we introduced RICCI EVERYDAY on 20 pages.

In the book, in the book, "A journey to search for his happy print with Mr. Chizu Nakamoto", the introduction of a market and Uganda studio that sells African plastic fabric, and the start of the company's representative, RICCI EVERYDAY in Chitsu Nakamoto, and started a business. Until, a lot of content is packed.

We asked for a bark cross made from wooden skin, which is said to be the world's oldest cloth, which was introduced in the program, and gave me a scene where I went to see the craftsmen. (The story behind the shooting isThis columnfrom! )


On the cover, the RICCI EVERYDAY icon, Achero bag, and Uganda Kobo Dog Hime were selected.

In addition, you can also take a picture of the Uganda studio staff, and you can get a glimpse of the studio.


I would be glad if you could be happy while feeling the African breeze through this book.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

The program was broadcast in March this year, but many customers still visit the store with "Sekahoshi", saying "I have seen Sekahoshi!" I think that the influence of the program is so great, and at the same time, I feel that "Sekahoshi" brought out the appeal of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Even in books, I think that the charm of RICCI EVERYDAY will definitely be transmitted!

pleaseThis campaignWhy don't you go on a journey to search for Africa Happy Print with RICCI EVERYDAY?


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