Akero boxes related to Vegan are on sale!


Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY. How are you spending?

The other day, there was a member of the House of Representatives election! Did you go to vote?

On the eve of the counting day, when the work was over and came back to the nearest station, the candidate had a last speech in front of the station, and there was a crowd around! I was surprised for the first time that I saw such a scene at the nearest station.

With a little festival -like atmosphere, I realized that many people had various thoughts in this election. (Of course I too !!)

"Personal things are political," but it was an election that once again felt that various things were connected to society and politics.

Of course, Akero Box!

So, this time, I would like to introduce the November issue of Akero Box. What you feel and think through the Akero box is connected somewhere in society ...

1. "5 + 1 SENSES" November issue

2. Drink

3. Dried fruit

Four. Calendar card

Five. Monthly gift carabash accessories

6. lastly

1. "5 + 1 SENSES" November issue

The theme of the November issue of the RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 Senses" is "World Vegand Day"!


Every year November 1 is the World Vegandy. (It was just yesterday.)

In recent years, I have begun to hear the word "vegan" in various places. Vegan products are now sold at supermarkets, making them familiar.

This time, Staff S was the center and delved into the theme from various perspectives. This is because Staff S was making and eating vegan dishes (strictly speaking Pescatarian) for a while, and in "5 + 1 SENSES", I was introduced to that.

You can read real experiences, so please look forward to it.

It is a playlist that is delivered every month, but this time I had a good Staff T choose! Although it is a playlist related to the World Vegande, we have you pick up songs from artists who are professing Vegan! It's a very interesting choice, so please look forward to it.

There is an image that Japan is still delayed about Vegan compared to other countries, but I hope that it will be a society that can be easily live for those who choose vegan and other diets.

A society with many options is good.

2. Drink

Akero box can choose a coffee set or herbal tea set.

First of all, this coffee is a kind of coffee that is popular from the volcanic god. This is a coffee from Uganda. Coffee from high altitude Uganda is very fragrant and has a good flavor.

Herbal tea contains hibiscasty. This is a hibiscus tea from Ghana. It's very refreshing and you can drink it.

Hibiscus tea arranged was "Hibiscus Calpis"! By all means! !


3. Dried fruit

Dry fruits delivered every month. This time is a pineapple from Uganda. Uganda pineapple after a long absence! It is a large sliced ​​slice, and the photo shine is definitely wrong.



You can enjoy it as it is, or it is recommended to put it in tea or herbal tea. It seems to be compatible with hibiscasty.

Uganda is a pineapple, so I hope you can eat a dry prineapple and feel the wind of Uganda.

Four. Calendar card December

By the way, the calendar card is finally December! 2021 will end soon ...! It is early. If you look at this, you may feel the end of the year at once.


Creative staff Illustration also drawn the illustration of the calendar card in December. Next to the dog's picture is a doll -like picture like Picha's happy hippo ...! The African plastic pattern is also drawn properly, and it is a very detailed illustration ...!

It's very cute. Are you sleeping together?

In December, the calendar card will be a picture of the calendar card for January next year! Look forward to the January calendar card.

Five. Monthly gift carabash accessories

Click here for this month's monthly gift.

It is a small item made of carabash. It is a simple but tasteful interior item. This was provided by Eva's brand, which is familiar with Bargen items.

Calabash refers to gourds. Colorbash is also a dish in Africa, and colorful patterns are drawn.

This time, we will send you a simple color. It's simple, so it's easy to get used to your home.

You can put it at the entrance and put it in a key, or you can use oranges, put cosmetics and accessories used frequently. It might be nice to put the sachet delivered in the October issue!


The carabash accessories are also derived from plants, so they are made of "Vegan".

6. lastly

How was this month's Akero box?

Akero box is a regular flight service, but we also sell trial flights, so if you are interested, please check it out.

It's getting cold, so I'd be happy if you could enjoy the Akero box while keeping warm at home!

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