Cloth Marche is held! The pattern this time is amazing ...!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, a lot of cute autumn and winter fashion items have begun to be released, and the wallet string has been loosened. Did you shop for autumn and winter items?

By the way, this time, we will inform you about the cloth Marche, which will be held at the online store from October 29 (Fri) and will be held at Daikanyama directly managed stores on Saturday, October 30. This time there are many new patterns in stock ...!


1. About cloth Marche

2. New pattern lineup

3. in conclusion

1. About cloth Marche

We will sell African plastic fabric from October 29 (Fri) to November 24 (Wed) at the online store.

There are a lot of that pattern and colorful new patterns that you love! This pattern is pretty fashionable ... check it out! !

In addition, Daikanyama's directly managed store will hold a cloth Marche from October 30 (Sat) to November 24 (Wed).

In the directly managed store, in addition to the African plastic fabric,Last cloth MarcheHowever, we also sell Hagile Set and Fabric Handmade Kit, which were very popular.

In the coming season, why don't you handmade African plastic accessories in a warm room?

African plastic fabric / 50cm: ¥ 1,375 (tax included)


African plastic fabric that is very popular with customers who come to directly managed stores. Those who make clothes handmade, those who purchase for custom -made umbrellas, those who purchase as cover such as wall hanging, sofa, bed for interiors ... There are various customers. How to use is endless!

For beginners of handmade, what are recommended is Kin -cha pouches and eco -bags ...!


Previous columnBut this eco bag introduced was made from the fabric purchased at RICCI EVERYDAY. By all means, please try to make only one African plenty item in the world with your favorite pattern.♪

If you have a kin -cha pouch, you can make 50 cm and an eco bag with a 1m fabric. (The fabric is sold in 50 cm units.)

Hagi Lille set (limited to Daikanyama direct stores)

 / ¥ 1,320 (tax included)

It is a set of 10 hagire of 20cm x 20cm. ( * The combination of hagilly is an example)

You can put it in a box, put it in a colorful accessories, decorate it in a photo frame, put it in a letter ... just think about what to use for!

Animal Mask Kit (Daikanyama direct store limited store)

 / ¥ 2,530 (tax included)


It is a set of animal mask and hagire (20cm x 20cm 5).

You can cut and paste the hagilly to create a stylish original mask. You can enjoy the masks you make on the wall or decorate them on the shelves.

We are also waiting for animals other than cows at directly managed stores.♪

Fabric panel kit (limited to Daikanyama direct stores)

 / ¥ 3,080 (tax included)


It is a set of white canvas and hagire (20cm x 20cm 5).

Whether you put one cloth as shown in the photo, or put a combination of several types of cloth, both are fashionable! You can also enjoy hitting the wall or standing on the shelf.

Fabric Note Kit (limited to Daikanyama direct stores)

 / ¥ 2,530 (tax included)


It is a set of palm -sized notebook and hagire (20cm x 20cm 5 pieces).

Please make your own original notebook.♪

2. New pattern lineup

Sorry to keep you waiting! I would like to introduce some new patterns of African plastic fabric. It's a pretty luxurious lineup ...!


I guess many people may have been waiting ... the popular "Big Eye Purple & Blue" fabric is in stock!


It is a new color of the familiar "swallow". The color of the turquoise blue is very beautiful!


A mysterious new pattern like a hole like a leaf. The combination of purple, pink and blue is so cute ...! (Sigh)


A new pattern with exquisite colors. At first glance, it looks flashy, but it also has a dull color, so it's a surprisingly suitable color.


This is also a new pattern of cheerful color. It is a bright color, but it also feels elegant on a rose -like pattern.

There are still more new patterns and I can't introduce them, but I'll leave this area ... Please check the online store!

3. in conclusion

How was it? The pattern that arrived this time is too luxurious and I can't stop pounding from the moment I saw the lineup ...

Please take this opportunity to get your favorite pattern African plastic fabric!

Purchase of African plastic fabricHerefrom♪

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