Introducing the voices from customers about RICCI EVERYDAY products!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

You've finally entered the rainy season. In addition to the low pressure, there are days when the temperature is low, so I think it is a time when it is easy to get sick. If you think you're tired, you may want to spend it without overdoing it.

By the way, in this column, I would like to introduce the voices of customers who have been registered for customers who have registered e -mail magazine in March of this year to the questionnaire on RICCI EVERYDAY products and services. !

We received a wide range of answers, from nice opinions to opinions on improvements that are helpful. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

1. How comfortable?

2. Recommended for people around you? Want to buy again?

3. in conclusion

1. How comfortable?

〇Akero bag

The size is also good when the size is diagonally applied. I don't choose clothes unexpectedly even though it's such a flashy color.

You can put it on your shoulder, hold it in your hand, and adjust it. Because there is an inner pocket, it is easy to organize such as smartphones. It is easy to put in and out because it is gusset. Because there is a reinforcement at the bottom, it is hard to break. Because it is supple, soft touch on the skin and hands. Easy to match with coordination.

It is easy to find the one with a bright color with a bright lining.

Both shoulder diagonal and light.

It is practical that Achero bags come with a pouch that can be used alone. Since the bag has a capacity, I put a few children's diapers and bring it to the ceremony (such as a wedding).

You may have a lot of pockets.

I thought it would be safe if there was a zipper in the mouth of the back.

I'm glad if you can adjust the length of the strap.

I feel a little small for men.

If you hold it instead of a shoulder, it is inconvenient when fingering is disinfected by the corona.


There were really many opinions about Akero bags. While the design and the functionality that could be used in many ways were received, he was also pointed out on various improvements about straps and the mouth of the bag.

Based on these improvements, the new Akero bag "Akero 38" was created. Please check!

〇 Others

A lot of bags are included and I like it. In particular, the cube porch is used in a napkin, but its size is good, it is taken out, and it is very convenient.

The cube pouch is just right in size, easy to put in and out, and is very easy to use.

A small shoulder porch turns up and down.

The drawback is that the string of the kin -chaku bag is easy to unwind. Other than that.


Cube pouch was popular! Other products have been provided with improvements. I will refer to it and update the product in the future!

2. Recommended for people around you? Want to buy again?

→ I want to recommend ・ I want to buy

As with the way of thinking, just having it will make you feel better! I want many people to know.

Because it's a very happy product.

The design is unique, and just having it makes me feel better.

It is cute to appeal to individuality. Because it is a brand that is working to improve social issues.

African print I would like to recommend it because I will get power if I have it, so I will be able to get energy now.

Because there is a pleasure to meet only one product.

Not only wants to buy your favorite product, but also support the brand RICCI EVERYDAY.

Sewing is carefully made. It is drawn by a product that can see the creator.

I want to support Uganda women.

→ Neither, I want to buy it somewhat

Because the design is unique, I think the likes and dislikes will be separated.

The Akero bag has everything except for the Achero beside, so I would like to buy it if a cute pattern product is included in a tote bag. It seems to be very light and easy to use, but the pattern has no preference and has not been purchased. I look forward to it in the future.


You can get well just by having it! There were many people who were fascinated by the happy power of African prints. At the same time, there were quite a few people who sympathized with the RICCI EVERYDAY philosophy, such as Uganda's women's support and poverty. A lot of nice words were sent, and I was impressed by it ...

You can fulfill both "cute" and "right", this is one of the things that RICCI EVERYDAY should pursue and what is being sought!

According to the opinions of those who are confused about recommendation and re -purchase, most people mentioned the taste of the pattern as factors. I felt again that it is important to increase the stock of popular patterns and to have attractive patterns so that more people can enjoy it.

3. in conclusion

This time, we could only introduce some opinions, but the questionnaire received a hot message and request from many people.

These opinions can be our encouragement and the driving force to improve the brand.

From now on, improvement and nice messages (♪) If you have any, I would be grateful if you could tell me casually!

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