M size is back to Cosmetic Pouch! What do you put in?

hello. It is Tanigawa of RICCI EVERYDAY. Finally, Tokyo has entered the rainy season, and it is a season when I miss the blue sky.

This time, it is an introduction of Cosmetic Pouch SML, which gives energy from the bag to the days of such weather. M size will be re -appeared this time.

1. What is Cosmetic Pouch?

2. Cosmetic pouch SML size introduction

3. in conclusion

1. What is Cosmetic Pouch?

The cosmetic porch is a pouch with a chuck, which is perfect for storing cosmetics as the product name in S, M, and L size. You can be independent, not put in or not, and you can fold it small when not in use.

It has a cute frill and makes you feel better.

Honest review of Cosmetic Pouch SHere

2. Cosmetic pouch SML size introduction

From here, it is a capacity introduction of each SML size.

・ Cosmetic Pouch S

First, I will introduce the S size. S size is18cm wide x height 10.5cm x gusset 8cm.

I tried putting stationery as a trial.

What are all of these? Not only can it be used for storage at home, but it is a size that is not bulky for outing. It is perfect for kindergarten and elementary school students who often bring stationery to school.

・ Cosmetic Pouch M

The M size is 26cm wide x 15cm high x gusset 11cm. I tried to include the skin care necessary for medium- to long -term business trips and travel.

The zipper closes firmly with this. I want to bring what I always use! A very active size at that time. It is also good to store the electronic device area required for home work, such as the charging code, earphones, and mouse of personal computers.♪

・ Cosmetic Pouch L

The L size is 31cm wide x 22cm in height x gusset 11cm. I put two 610ml tapper and chopsticks.

A large lunch box is also perfect. The inside of the bag is clean because you can do what you need for lunch. In addition, it is a very good size to put the inner when traveling.

3. in conclusion

How was the easy -to -use cosmetic pouch? It is also better to try three sizes with colors and patterns!

Please take a look at the online store, which is not only in your daily life, but also for cleaning up in the rainy season, and is very useful for traveling during summer vacation.

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